Swabia Witch Life Lessons
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10 life lessons from Swabia

The Swabian dialect is full of proverbs and ancient wisdom. These are ten common sayings that many Swabians live by. Of course, all expressions are written in the Swabian dialect – in standard German, they just sound weird. 1. Dr Deifl isch a Eichhörnle The devil is a squirrel According to superstition, the squirrel has always had a negative connotation. The red or black color of the squirrel fur represents the color of the devil. […]

Beet Noodles
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Beet Noodles (‘Rote Beete Nudeln’)

l love beet noodles because of their gorgeous purple color. The beet taste in these is very subtle so that even people who strongly dislike beets will eat them. I’m always a bit disappointed that they don’t have this intense earthiness that is the trademark of fresh beets. I only use the beet juice instead of a beet puree for these noodles. I know that a puree would give me a stronger beet taste but […]

Quince Compote
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Quince Compote (‘Quittenkompott’)

The quince is the last fruit that can be harvested in Germany before the cold and dark winter sets in. Especially among the older generation, it is very common to have a quince tree in the garden. There are two primary ways to preserve this tasty fruit. You can either cook a quince jelly or you can cook a quince compote. The recipe for quince compote that I am showing you here is meant for […]

Besigheim in Swabia
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What is Swabia?

The recipes on this blog are mostly from Swabia, a region in Southern Germany. Yet many people, even in Germany, often mistakenly call the inhabitants of the modern-day state Baden-Württemberg Swabians. However, a Swabian state in modern-day Germany doesn’t exist. The majority of the Swabian population lives in Württemberg and the western part of Bavaria. There is no clear definition of what defines a Swabian. Most commonly, people that have grown up in Swabia and […]

Butternut Squash Soup
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Butternut Squash Soup (‘Kürbissuppe’)

This butternut squash soup is simple to prepare and tastes amazing during the cold months. It’s silky smooth, rich, and a little sweet. I add a little orange juice to give this soup a wonderful wintertime flavor. While for most pureed soups it is fine to just cook the vegetables in the broth, I really prefer roasted butternut squash soup over the boiled version. Roasting concentrates and intensifies the flavor of the squash. It adds […]

Apple Tea
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5 blends of apple tea for better health and well-being during the cold season

In autumn and winter, I always have a large supply of apples. My parents grow quite a few different varieties of apples in their garden. All of these apple trees are old varieties with an astonishing aroma. The neighbors of my parents are always envious because they had planted their apple trees just a few years ago with new seeds. However, these new apples might be robust and look beautiful but they lack flavor. What […]

person selling newspapers
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Why I don’t read or watch the news

There has been a lot of discussion in recent years about the media. Some people are worried about local newspapers dying out while others accuse the mainstream media of delivering fake news. What is the reality nowadays, is that only a handful of mega-corporations own the majority of privately-run newspapers and TV channels. Their business plan is not primarily to inform people but to generate income by selling ads. Sometimes they also push a political […]

French fries
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French Fries (‘Pommes frites’)

French fries are one of the most popular side dishes in Germany. However, they are seldomly prepared at home as most people don’t like to deep fry in their own kitchen. Real French fries are often prepared in restaurants and fast food stalls. I think that it’s generally a good idea to leave fries to the professionals. Without experience and a deep-fryer, it can be very hard to replicate French fries like the ones from […]

Peppercorns on the vine
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Let’s talk about pepper – Part 6: Review of rare and exotic pepper varieties

My pepper series is about to come to an end. Today, I want to introduce you to even more types of pepper available for purchase that I haven’t covered previously. I will give you my taste impressions of African, Vietnamese, as well as Indian pepper cultivars. Some of these pepper varieties are part of the Piper nigrum family while others are wild forest cultivars that are very rarely featured in German cuisine. As I have […]

German parliment
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What will post-democracy look like?

It’s undeniable that the Western imperial legacy of spreading democracy around the world has failed. If we look at the 2019 democracy index of the British newspaper The Economist, we can see that the world is sharply divided between the authoritarian East and the liberal West. Countries colored red in the map below are governed by an authoritarian regime whereas only the dark green countries are considered to be full democracies. The Economist assigns countries […]