Fish Cakes
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Fish Cakes with Cucumber Yogurt (‘Fischküchle mit Gurkenjoghurt’)

I would choose fish cakes over meatballs at any occasion. They are light, delicate, and incredibly tender. Meat, fish, grain, and vegetable patties are insanely popular across German cuisine. It’s said that the American hamburger was invented by putting German meatballs on a slice of bread. Now, a fish cake or meatball is quite different from how you would prepare a burger. For these, plain minced meat won’t do it. You need to loosen the […]

German Bread Rolls
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How to bake bakery-style German bread rolls with enzymes – Putting theory into practice

Last week, I gave you a detailed overview of how baking enzymes work and why they are used so extensively in the food industry and also by artisanal bakers. That was a lot of theory so I thought it might be nice to confirm some of the claims I have made by showing you: How to judge the quality of your flour The impact of baking malt and modern baking enzymes on the taste and […]

Stuffed Banana Peppers
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Stuffed Banana Peppers (‘Gefüllte Spitzpaprika’)

There’s no better way to prepare banana peppers than to stuff them with a meat mixture. Braised in a simple tomato sauce, they taste heavenly. I love to specifically use banana peppers for this dish because they are a bit smaller than traditional bell peppers and they have a nice bitterness to them. I know that a lot of people don’t like the bitter varieties of peppers. A lot of recipes even specify to not […]

Bread from a bakery
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What even is the point of baking enzymes?

In its simplest form, bread has just three ingredients: flour, water, and salt. That is if you’re baking artisanal sourdough bread. Non-sourdough bread includes yeast as the fourth ingredient. There are also other ingredients that can be used in bread baking to alter the texture of the final product. Fat strengthens the gluten network and makes the final product less chewy and more tender. Sugar gives the bread a crispier crust. And malt lends a […]

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Kratzete, Eierhaber

Kratzete or Eierhaber doesn’t really have an English name which is why I only refer to it by its German name. It’s a savory version of the Austrian Kaiserschmarrn and usually served as a side dish for asparagus with sauce hollandaise or goulash. It’s a truly Southern German dish that usually cannot be found in the Northern parts. You might wonder how an Austrian dessert became a popular German side dish. That is, because, there […]

Sugar Cane Harvest
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The history and future of sugar + how it is produced

The history and production of sugar are two of the most fascinating topics regarding food culture. We often think of sugar as a basic food commodity that is easy and cheap to produce. Yet, white table sugar is one of the most sophisticated food items in this world. For its production, you need a specific plant with high sucrose content, you need to purify its juice, and then you need to crystallize the syrup in […]

ham and egg noodles
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Ham and Egg Noodles (‘Schinkennudeln’)

Ham and egg noodles are a simple German dish that can be whipped up in 10 minutes. It’s less refined than the Italian spaghetti carbonara but I wouldn’t say it’s less delicious. The eggs in the German version are usually cooked through but that doesn’t make the dish dry or uncomfortable to eat. If you want to go the extra mile and make your own noodles for this dish, you can follow my guide on […]

Wheat Plant
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Why we should worship wheat instead of vilianizing it

The last few decades have given rise to some of the most ridiculous movements regarding human nutrition. According to NYU Langone, one-third of Americans try to avoid gluten in their diet although the great majority of people are neither allergic nor suffer from gluten sensitivity. Gluten is a protein found in grains such as wheat, spelt, rye, and barley. It is what makes doughs elastic and gives them the ability to entrap air bubbles to […]

Banana Jelly

Banana Jelly with Coconut Sauce (‘Bananenpudding mit Kokossoße’)

Obviously, this isn’t a traditional German recipe. Neither bananas nor coconut milk nor limes are native to Germany. What is native to Germany, however, is to eat fruit jellies for dessert. And this banana jelly with coconut sauce is a modern interpretation of jello with vanilla sauce. A lot of people nowadays don’t bother making their own jellies at home. It’s a typical industry product sold under the name “Götterspeise” which literally translates to god’s […]

Rotten meat - A common food fraud
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The dark truth about food fraud: How criminals make billions of dollars each year

When we think about illegal trade and black markets we often think of firearms and drugs. But the worldwide market for food fraud is even bigger than these two. The European Commission estimates that the worldwide costs of food fraud to the global food industry and consumers exceed 30 billion euros every year. The illegal market for firearms with a value of 8.5 billion US Dollars is comparatively small while the heroin market with a […]