French-style tripe with mustard cream sauce
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Tripe in mustard cream sauce (‘Kutteln Französische Art’)

I love tripe but it can get boring to only eat the good old Swabian sour tripe. Sour tripe is a fantastic dish but the Swabians are not the only ones who prepare tripe very well. In fact, tripe is a common food all across Europe except Northern Germany because people there somehow use it as animal feed. If only they would know how glorious tripe tastes. They waste one of the best cuts of […]

Millet Fritters (Hirseküchle)
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Millet Fritters with Carrots (‘Hirseküchle’)

Millet fritters are a great alternative to meatballs. They are crispy on the outside and moist on the inside thanks to the addition of grated carrots. Served with yogurt or any sauce of your liking, they are a great dish to have on the dinner table. The preparation of these fritters is straightforward and simple. I like to cook the millet in just the right amount of water so that it doesn’t turn into mush. […]

Buchteln (Bohemian Baked Yeast Dumplings)
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Bohemian Baked Yeast Dumplings (‘Buchteln mit Marmeladefüllung’)

One of the greatest aspects of German food is that you can eat something sweet like these Bohemian baked yeast dumplings (“Buchteln”, “Rohrnudeln”, or “Buchtly”) as a main dish without anyone giving you strange looks. In Southern Germany, a lot of the vegetarian dishes are sweet. Fruits like apples, Italian plums, mirabelle plums, sour cherries, or pears are abundant in Swabia. And if you have a few fruit trees, like my family has, then you […]

Mango Kohlrabi Salad
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Mango Kohlrabi Salad (‘Mango Kohlrabi Salat’)

Mango and kohlrabi go great together as in this mango kohlrabi salad. I love raw kohlrabi because of its crunch and refreshing taste whereas I love mango because of its sweetness and exceptional aroma. Another variant of this salad is more common in Germany: carrot mango salad. I love that too but this version with kohlrabi is my favorite. Salads with mango are so very refreshing as a side for grilled meat. It’s important that […]

Mixed Bread with Seeds
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Mixed Bread with Seeds (‘Mischbrot mit Körnern’)

Today, I want to do a recipe review of a mixed bread with seeds made from wheat and rye flour. By accident, I stumbled across the by-far best German bread baking book. It’s called “Brot: Bread Notes From A Floury German Kitchen” and written by a guy named Nils Schöner. It’s nothing fancy, just a plain kindle ebook. I don’t own many bread baking books and I am no fan of the highly produced stuff. […]

Stir-fried Maultaschen
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Stir-fried German Soup Dumplings with Egg (‘Gebratene Maultaschen mit Ei’)

What do you do with leftover Maultaschen? You fry them in a pan until crispy and serve them with a Swabian potato salad. Delicious and it doesn’t feel like eating boring leftovers. If you don’t know how to prepare Swabian soup dumplings (“Maultaschen”) then please refer back to my post about them. This recipe assumes that you have already made a batch. Of course, you can also use store-bought dumplings to prepare this recipe if […]

Swabian country bread (Schwäbisches Krustenbrot)
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Swabian Country Bread (‘Schwäbisches Landbrot’)

Traditional Swabian country bread is made from a mixture of wheat and rye flour. So far, so normal. Mixed wheat and rye bread is the most popular type of bread in Germany followed by toast or what American and British people call white sandwich bread. Many Germans think they live in a country of quality and artisan bread. And while you can easily find great bread in Germany the Germans love toast and white industry […]

Krautnudeln (Noodles with Caramelized Cababge)
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Noodles with Caramelized Cabbage (‘Krautnudeln’)

Noodles with caramelized cabbage is a traditional dish that is popular all around Southern Germany. The secret lies in the deep caramelized flavor of the cabbage. Notice how brown it is. That is not because I added dark vinegar or red wine. That’s the caramelization from frying the cabbage. Caramelized cabbage is not only popular in combination with noodles. The noodles in this dish can be replaced with spätzle. That is the way caramelized cabbage […]

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Speķa Pīrāgi – Latvian Pork-Stuffed Buns (‘Gefüllte Hörnchen’)

I love stuffed pork buns. In Germany, it is very common to fill pastries and buns with sweet fillings like jam or pudding. Savory versions are less popular which has always puzzled me a bit. These pork buns are from Latvia and they are filled with pork belly. If something has pork belly in it, then it doesn’t really need a long introduction. Everything with pork belly in it tastes delicious. It’s impossible to make […]

Swabian Egg Noodles
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Swabian Egg Noodles (‘Schwäbische Eiernudeln’)

These Swabian egg noodles are made from spelt flour. They have an incredible bite and chew to them but they are a bit more challenging to produce than the ribbon noodles that I have introduced you to in an earlier post. Fresh noodles are best if they are prepared from a low hydration dough. For my ribbon noodles, I used 3 large eggs for 300 grams of flour. For my Swabian egg noodles, I use […]