Schweinebäcken (Braised Pork Cheeks)
Pork, Stews, Swabian

Red Wine Braised Pork Cheeks (‘Geschmorte Schweinebäckle’)

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Pork cheeks are among the favorite cuts of meat in Swabia. The reason for that: They are incredibly tender with an indulgent gelatinous mouthfeel. And it’s super easy to prepare them. All you need is wine and a good amount of time.

I like to marinate the beef cheeks overnight in red wine with a few warming spices like cloves and juniper berries. This step tenderizes the beef and lends it a rich burgundy color. Another popular alternative in Southern Germany that is more often used for game meat is to marinate the meat overnight in buttermilk. This serves a very similar purpose as red wine.

You can serve these pork cheeks with any kind of side dish that you prefer to soak up the sauce. This time, I decided to go with German sourdough steamed buns. A great alternative would be spätzle or bread dumplings.

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