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As you might know, Germans love to have a cup of coffee in the afternoon. For Germans, the coffee and cake culture is an open space to discuss and reflect on life and society. Here you can find anything but recipes. Please feel free to browse through my collection of historical, cultural, economic, and political articles.

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Spelt and Emmer Breadsticks (‘Dinkel-Emmer Seelen’)

Spelt and Emmer Breadsticks (‘Dinkel-Emmer Seelen’)

TimApril 18, 2021
These spelt and emmer breadsticks are incredibly aromatic and crispy. I can hardly think of any bread roll better suited for Sunday brunch. I love to enjoy these breadsticks when they’re still a little warm. Spelt and emmer flour are a very common pairing because emmer flour, by itself, is […]

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