Sunset in Landshut
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Places in Germany: A walk through Landshut

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Today, it is time to take a break from German food content. In the new series “Places in Germany” I will introduce you to places that are worth a visit in Germany. The focus will be mostly on smaller and lesser-known places because who isn’t tired of the Brandenburg Gate and Neuschwanstein Castle? The first place that I will introduce you to today is a small city in Lower Bavaria.

Landshut is located in the South of Germany, about an hour north of Munich. The city center is known for its predominantly Gothic architecture and it features the world’s tallest brick tower: the Church of Saint Martin which you cannot oversee if you visit the city center. Landshut is easy to reach by train or by car and it is small enough that you can walk through the city center and see all of the main sights in one afternoon.

The city center of Landshut

You enter the old city by walking through a brick gate. Behind it is a large pedestrian zone with plenty of shops and restaurants. If you want to do some shopping, have lunch, or drink a cup of coffee: this is the place to do it.

Landshut city gate
Landshut city center

Once you’ve seen the city center, it is time to walk up the hill to the medieval Trausnitz Castle. The castle itself isn’t all that spectacular. There are better ones to visit in Germany. However, walking up the hill to Trausnitz Castle is well worth the effort because you will be rewarded with a scenic view across the city center of Landshut.

Trausnitz Castle
Scenic winter view of Landshut

If the weather is nice, and you have some extra time on hand, it is advisable to wait for the sunset and watch it at Castle Trausnitz. The colors you will get to see are amazing. The color of the sky will turn from lightly golden to deep purple.

Sunset in Landshut

The surroundings of Landshut

Just as stunning as the old city are the areas surrounding Landshut. There are no tall mountains in the region but many small hills that offer scenic views and let you see what rural Bavaria looks like. There is no need to drive far. You can reach these places by foot or bike from the city center of Landshut.

Rural Bavaria
Church in Bavarian village
Farm house in rural Bavaria

The city of Landshut is located along the Isar river and if you follow the Isar, you will find plenty of water reservoirs. The water reservoirs are not natural lakes but they offer scenic views and fresh air, especially around sunrise and sunset. In some of them, you are allowed to swim in the summer. Compared to many other places in Southern Bavaria, there are not many tourists here so it is the perfect place to go if you want to relax and not encounter hoards of tourists.

Lake in Lower Bavaria at sunset

It is amazing to watch the Swans during sunset as you will get to see some amazing purple colors from the declining sun.

Swan lake in Southern Bavaria at sunset

So the next time you’re visiting Munich, think about coming to Landshut if you want to experience a Bavarian city that has a very different feel to it.

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    Thank you for the lovely virtual tour, it is a very beautiful place.
    I used to live in Germany and traveled extensively throughout the country.
    Vielen Dank!

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