Student dorm
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4 Food-Related Appliances That Are A Must For Every Student Dormitory

Student living can be stressful at the best of times. The thought of moving away from your home and having to fend for yourself can be pretty daunting. However, there are a few gadgets you can take to your dorm room – that can simplify the way you live. You don’t have to worry about fighting it out for a space in the kitchen – when you can cook a delicious meal in the comfort […]

Lutherstadt Wittenberg
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Places in Germany: A tour around Lutherstadt Wittenberg and the heartland of Eastern Germany

Today we are visiting Lutherstadt Wittenberg and the surrounding areas. Wittenberg is a small town in Eastern Germany in the state of Saxony-Anhalt. It is located between the cities of Berlin and Leipzig. To the south of it lies the former industrial heart of the East German coal mining industry. A walk through the city center of Wittenberg The main attraction of Wittenberg is the old Castle Church where, in 1517, Martin Luther nailed his […]

Sunset in Landshut
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Places in Germany: A walk through Landshut

Today, it is time to take a break from German food content. In the new series “Places in Germany” I will introduce you to places that are worth a visit in Germany. The focus will be mostly on smaller and lesser-known places because who isn’t tired of the Brandenburg Gate and Neuschwanstein Castle? The first place that I will introduce you to today is a small city in Lower Bavaria. Landshut is located in the […]

Schweinebäcken (Braised Pork Cheeks)
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Red Wine Braised Pork Cheeks (‘Geschmorte Schweinebäckle’)

Pork cheeks are among the favorite cuts of meat in Swabia. The reason for that: They are incredibly tender with an indulgent gelatinous mouthfeel. And it’s super easy to prepare them. All you need is wine and a good amount of time. I like to marinate the beef cheeks overnight in red wine with a few warming spices like cloves and juniper berries. This step tenderizes the beef and lends it a rich burgundy color. […]

Sourdough Steamed Buns (Sauerteig Dampfnudeln)
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German Sourdough Steamed Buns (‘Sauerteig Dampfnudeln’)

Steamed buns are a staple of Southern German cuisine yet they are most often prepared from a sweet yeast dough. This version with sourdough is a bit different from the sweet version that you eat with vanilla sauce. The reason that I make these buns with sourdough is that I want to enjoy them as a side dish for goulash to soak up the savory sauce. I will post a recipe for the sweet version […]

Blue Trout
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Blue Trout (‘Forelle Blau’)

What is the best way to cook fresh trout? It’s to poach it in water so the skin turns blue. Hence the name of this dish: blue trout. It is the slime layer on the trout skin that turns blue when the fish is cooked in an acidic environment. Hence it is very important that you don’t wash the trout if you want to achieve an ocean-blue and glossy skin. Also, make sure to not […]

Liwanzen, Dalken, Yeast Pancakes
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Bohemian Yeast Pancakes (‘Böhmische Liwanzen’, ‘Dalken’)

German pancakes are usually unleavened but these Bohemian yeast pancakes are an exception. They are a tasty dessert or light lunch in the summertime that is best served with some fruit on the side. Different from many American pancakes and baked goods, these pancakes are leavened with yeast instead of baking powder. They thus take a bit longer to make because you need to let the dough rise first. But the effort is totally worth […]

Buckwheat Noodles
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Buckwheat Noodles with Swiss Chard (‘Buchweizennudeln mit Mangold’)

Buckwheat has fallen a bit out of favor in Germany ever since wheat flour has gotten widely and cheaply available everywhere. Nowadays, it’s seldom to encounter noodles or pancakes made from buckwheat. Yet, that doesn’t mean these dishes don’t exist. Buckwheat noodles are crazy delicious in their own way. In the summer, German buckwheat noodles are usually served with swiss chard. In the winter, savoy cabbage is used to prepare this dish. Hot sage butter […]

Kaisergemüse (Emperor vegetables)
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Emperor vegetables (‘Kaisergemüse’)

From its name, you could think that emperor vegetables (“Kaisergemüse”) is a fancy German dish dating back hundreds of years. But don’t be fooled, it isn’t. This vegetable dish is not what was served to the German kaiser (ok, maybe he ate something similar at times). German Kaisergemüse is a mixture of vegetables that are boiled and sweated in butter. Typically, the three emperor vegetables are broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. But why is this combination […]

Poultry Liver Mousse (Geflügellebercreme)
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Poultry Liver Mousse (‘Geflügellebercreme’)

When I saw that chicken livers were on sale I immediately thought that this is a great chance to make a batch of chicken liver mousse to share on the blog. If I look back in time, I can see that I have only posted one liver recipe so far: liver spätzle. But there are so many more tasty German liver preparations like liver meatballs, liver dumplings, liver sausage, or fried liver with apples and […]