Spelt and Emmer Breadsticks (Dinkel-Emmer-Seelen')
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Spelt and Emmer Breadsticks (‘Dinkel-Emmer Seelen’)

These spelt and emmer breadsticks are incredibly aromatic and crispy. I can hardly think of any bread roll better suited for Sunday brunch. I love to enjoy these breadsticks when they’re still a little warm. Spelt and emmer flour are a very common pairing because emmer flour, by itself, is not strong enough to bake fluffy bread rolls. Yet emmer tastes phenomenal and I want to have this taste in my bread! Traditionally, Swabian breadsticks […]

wild garlic potato noodles (Bärlauch Schupfnudeln)
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Wild Garlic Potato Noodles (‘Bärlauch Schupfnudeln’)

I love these wild garlic potato noodles even more than I love wild garlic spätzle. The wild garlic season in Germany is short. But in April wild garlic grows like a weed in Southern Germany. It is everywhere! So during its short season that lasts less than 2 months, wild garlic gets used extensively in all kinds of dishes. Nowadays, you can find wild garlic for sale in supermarkets or at farmers’ markets. But it’s […]

Salt shaker
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What is salt-stressed baker’s yeast and why is it used in breadmaking?

Salt-stressed baker’s yeast has been exposed to osmotic stress caused by a concentrated salt solution. Yeast cells exposed to stress become resistant to a second, more severe stress challenge. Salt-stressed yeast is used in breadmaking because it has a high leavening ability in sweet doughs that contain a high concentration of sugar. Sugar in enriched doughs increases the osmotic stress on the yeast cells and thus slows down the fermentation. Salt-stressing the yeast is a […]

Griebennudeln (Swabian Lard Noodles)
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Swabian Lard Noodles (‘Griebenschnecken’)

Swabian lard noodles might be the most indulgent noodle dish in this world. Potato noodles filled with lard. All that fatty goodness soaked up by a flavorful noodle dough. Yes, you heard it right. These noodles are made from potatoes! As you might know, Swabians don’t eat plain potatoes. That is what the potato heads from the North do. In Swabia, potatoes are only acceptable in the following form: Salad Noodles Puree Fried Swabian people, […]

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What is autolysis in breadmaking and is it worth the extra effort?

In breadmaking, dough autolysis refers to mixing flour and water followed by a rest period. After the resting phase, the other dough ingredients are added and the dough is mixed and kneaded. Autolysis reduces the required mixing time until the dough is fully developed and, thereby, reduces the dough’s oxidation level. A high level of dough oxidation because of intense kneading is associated with a loss of aromatic flavor compounds and color pigments (carotenoids) in […]

Swiss Sourdough Bread Rolls (Bürli)
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Swiss Sourdough Bread Rolls (‘Bürli’)

Today, it’s once again time to review a recipe from the book “Hand Made Small Breads” by Robert from Fabolous Fricot. Swiss sourdough bread rolls, called Bürli by the locals, are a real treat. I think they are more delicious than French baguettes. The best way to enjoy them is with a fried bratwurst. Yummy! To say it upfront, I added bread improver to these rolls. Robert had asked me to review the recipe with […]

Pharaoh's Bread (Emmer Flatbread)
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Pharaoh’s Bread – a flatbread made from emmer wheat

Emmer bread doesn’t have to be an uninspired sandwich bread that’s as dense as the rye bricks that you find in Northern Germany. Prepared as a flatbread, emmer bread can be as light as wheat bread. I call my version of emmer flatbread “Pharaoh’s bread” because that is how I imagine what bread looked like in ancient Egypt. The recipe is compromised solely of ingredients that were available in ancient Egypt – except for a […]

Ox Muzzle Salad
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Ox Muzzle Salad (‘Ochsenmaulsalat’)

In Swabia, we love the super gelatinous parts of the cow. Besides sour tripe, the ox muzzle salad is another signature dish of Swabia. It is incredibly delicious with a slice of sourdough bread. I’m not sure if ox muzzle is available in the US. In Swabia, you can buy it at any butcher and all the big supermarkets carry it. It is usually pre-cooked and pre-sliced. If you live in the US, you might […]

Emmer plant
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What is emmer wheat and how to bake bread with it?

Emmer is an ancestor of modern bread wheat and was one of the first domesticated crops. It was the main cereal crop in Egypt at the time of the Pharaohs. Because of its lower yields and inferior bread-making qualities, emmer has been largely replaced by bread wheat. Emmer flour can be used to make bread, pancakes, and pasta. Whole or cracked grains (bulgur) can be added to soups or be used to cook porridge. In […]

Gewürzzopf Brötchen (Spiced Braided Bread Rolls)
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Spiced Braided Bread Rolls (‘Gewürzzopf Brötchen’)

These spiced braided bread rolls are another recipe from the amazing book “Hand Made Small Breads” by Robert from Fabolous Fricot. I have already reviewed the carrot bread rolls and they came out perfect on the first try. Fluffy, moist, and intensely flavorful. I’m a big fan of braided bread so it is no surprise that I had to test Robert’s recipe from the book. To be honest, it is very uncommon to find braided […]