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Savory Egg Custard (‘Eierstich’)

In German cuisine there are a ton of different soup dumplings. A clear beef consommé is traditionally the first course of a multicourse German meal. And because only sipping beef broth is a little boring there’s always some kind of dumpling floating inside. I’ve already shown you how to prepare semolina dumplings, pancake strips, and bacon dumplings. Today, I want to introduce you to egg custard. It’s also known as royale and is basically a […]

Different types of bread
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What are the characteristics of great bread?

One of the most fascinating aspects of staple foods like bread, rice, or potatoes is that they are prepared so differently across the world. There are countless methods to prepare white rice. You can steam it, boil it, fry it, make it clumpy or loose, crispy or tender, salt it or not. The same is true for bread. Germans look for different qualities in bread than Americans, Africans, or Asians. If you speak a second […]

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Why Germany’s Nutri-Score is no more than a marketing tool for large food manufacturers

We have too many fat people in Germany. The population here is old and sick. Almost 40 percent of it is considered to be at high risk from coronavirus. A disastrous number and of the main reasons why the Covid pandemic affects us so badly here in Europe. People here eat themselves sick. Adding to that, we live in super clean environments where we have not enough contact with germs. The immune system of many […]

Beet Jelly with Potato Dumplings
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Beet Jelly with Potato Dumplings (‘Rote Beete Grütze mit Kartoffelknödeln’)

You might know that there’s a famous dessert in Northern Germany called ‘Rote Grütze’. It’s a jelly made from fresh berries and often very sweet because Northern people like a lot of sugar in their desserts. This beet jelly is the same thing but it’s made from red beets and I reduced the amount of added sugar drastically for the Southern German palate. This sweet beet jelly originated in Silesia which is not a part […]

Nelson Mandela statue
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How to use propaganda to your advantage

Even though people often claim propaganda to be a bad thing, that is far from the truth. Propaganda is a form of communication. The intent of it is to influence an audience to agree to a certain agenda. It’s a manipulative approach. Facts are selectively presented and the goal is to invoke an emotional response of the recipient. Not just radical groups like Nazis or Marxists use propaganda for their purposes. I use it all […]

Social housing
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The welfare paradox

One of the most common claims you not only hear from communists but also from many educated young people nowadays is that we need more welfare in this world. The gap between poor and rich people is getting larger every year. Thus many think that we need to redistribute money. How do you redistribute money? Well, you need to steal it from someone. May it be through income taxes, inheritance taxes, wealth taxes, or estate […]

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What’s on my bookshelf? Review of old and new books – November 2020

In my post about why I don’t read the news I recommended you to read a book rather than watch countless TV shows – may it be fiction or non-fiction. With all the home office going on, that also frees up a lot of time for me to do some more reading. Here are my thoughts about some of the books that I have read through in the last weeks. Saigon by Anthony Grey With […]

Intelligent Brain
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Intelligence and the heritability problem

One of the most questionable developments that I have seen in recent years is that scientific research gets constantly dismissed as being insignificant if it doesn’t support one’s world view. Many uncomfortable scientific findings just get dismissed by society or mainstream media as false. One of them is the question of whether intelligence is inheritable or not. I was enraged when I saw an article by the reputable German newspaper “Süddeutsche” which claims in its […]

Apple strudel
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Apple Strudel (‘Apfelstrudel’)

Apple strudel is without a doubt the most famous German dessert outside of Germany. I am well aware that it is the pride of Vienna and credit for it should rather go to Austria rather than to Germany. But even the Austrians didn’t invent this dish. The only thing they did was to refine it. The apple strudel was originally invented in Hungary. The royal cooks there learned how to prepare the thin pastry from […]