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Welcome to the baking section of my website! Here you can find all of my posts related to bread and other baked goods like strudel, flammkuchen, and cakes. In the top section, you can find posts about the theory and technology of baked goods along with some posts discussing the cultural significance and history of bread in Germany. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you can find all of my baking recipes. These range from sweet goods like doughnuts and apple strudel to rustic bread like spelt bread and Swabian specialties like pretzels. My blog focuses mainly on savory baked goods. A lot of blogs on German food already feature a ton of traditional cake recipes but the baked goods you might find in a German bakery are only rarely featured on them. I want to fill in that gap because, for me, it is much more fun to bake savory goods.

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Julius Cäsar

Can you guess the favorite seasoning of the Romans?

TimApr 12, 2020

It always amazes me to see how little the food we eat nowadays has to do with what we ate in ancient times. Maybe you are familiar with a pungent condiment named fish sauce. It’s a seasoning sauce that is today mainly used in Southeast Asian countries. It’s made by fermenting salted anchovies and smells absurdly bad. However, it adds…

Potato Soup

Chunky Potato soup (‘Kartoffeleintopf’)

TimMar 20, 2019

Today’s recipe is a classic. If you’re living somewhere in the Western hemisphere I’m sure you’ve eaten chunky potato soup before. It’s a quick, cheap, and comforting dish that is primarily prepared at home. In restaurants, potato soup will most often be served as an entree before the main course. But at home, it is the one and only main…


Muesli (‘Müsli’)

TimApr 15, 2020

If you’ve ever been to Germany you might’ve noticed that German cereals can be quite different from their British or American counterparts. Müsli isn’t a sweet food per se. It was originally invented in Switzerland as a healthy food for breakfast. Nowadays, most Müsli sold in supermarkets is sugary dessert. There are many good reasons to make it yourself if…


Braided Bread (‘Hefezopf’)

TimApr 8, 2020

No Easter holiday is complete without braided bread. In Germany, it’s called Hefezopf while Jewish people refer to it as Challah. It’s very different in taste and texture than typical German bread. It’s soft, fluffy, rich, and slightly sweet. Some might call it a cake, but I think it’s closer to American or Asian-style bread. It tastes similar to a…

Beef salad with leftover soup beef

Leftover beef salad (‘Rindfleischsalat’)

TimJul 17, 2019

Today, I want to share with you one of my favorite ways to use up the leftover meat from making my beef broth recipe. Beef salad is a popular dish all around Germany beloved for its tanginess. I cook a lot of broths at home and I don’t like throwing out perfectly edible meat. Be it chicken, beef, or pork.…