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Welcome to the baking section of my website! Here you can find all of my posts related to bread and other baked goods like strudel, flammkuchen, and cakes. In the top section, you can find posts about the theory and technology of baked goods along with some posts discussing the cultural significance and history of bread in Germany. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you can find all of my baking recipes. These range from sweet goods like doughnuts and apple strudel to rustic bread like spelt bread and Swabian specialties like pretzels. My blog focuses mainly on savory baked goods. A lot of blogs on German food already feature a ton of traditional cake recipes but the baked goods you might find in a German bakery are only rarely featured on them. I want to fill in that gap because, for me, it is much more fun to bake savory goods.

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Stir-fried asparagus

Stir-fried Asparagus with Bacon (‘Gebratener Spargel mit Speck’)

TimJun 17, 2020

Stir-fried asparagus with bacon is a simple side dish that can be whipped up in less than ten minutes. It’s very common in German cuisine to pair vegetables with some kind of cured pork product. Without a doubt, asparagus is already delicious by itself. But pairing it with the savoriness of bacon takes this humble vegetable to the next level.…

Ebook Cover

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TimDec 28, 2019

Hello to all my dear readers, the year 2019 is coming to an end. As you might know, this blog is still relatively new. I’ve started this project in February and since then published 44 recipes on this blog. I’m very thankful for all the encouragement and support I have received from you so far. I will keep going the…

Sour Tripe (‘Saure Kutteln’)

Sour Tripe (‘Saure Kutteln’)

TimOct 23, 2019

Today’s recipe is an all-time favorite in the Swabia region of Germany. Beef tripe braised in a sour red wine sauce. It’s a dish you really got to try to understand why it’s so addictively delicious. Tripe is the muscle wall of the cow’s stomach and while it doesn’t really have a taste on its own the thing that makes…

Matjes housewife-style

Matjes Housewife-style (‘Matjes Hausfrauenart’)

TimMay 27, 2020

Soused herring is so much more delicate than you might expect from its name at first. In Germany, it’s typically served as matjes housewife-style with sour cream sauce. Matjes are young herrings that have been preserved in a salt brine. They’re originally from the Netherlands where, until today, the best Matjes is produced. It’s no surprise that matjes is a…

Rice Pudding with Poached Rhubarb

Rice Pudding with Poached Rhubarb (‘Milchreis mit Rhabarber’)

TimApr 29, 2020

Rice pudding is simple comfort food. Because the rice is cooked in milk or cream, it’s quite rich. I love to serve rice pudding with rhubarb because the rhubarb cuts perfectly through the richness of the rice. That’s also why this dish is often served with sour cherries. Rice pudding craves acidity. You don’t need a ton of spices to…