French-style tripe with mustard cream sauce
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Tripe in mustard cream sauce (‘Kutteln Französische Art’)

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I love tripe but it can get boring to only eat the good old Swabian sour tripe. Sour tripe is a fantastic dish but the Swabians are not the only ones who prepare tripe very well. In fact, tripe is a common food all across Europe except Northern Germany because people there somehow use it as animal feed. If only they would know how glorious tripe tastes. They waste one of the best cuts of the cow!

This recipe for tripe in mustard cream sauce is inspired by the French. If it’s a French dish, then you can already assume that the sauce will taste great. In comparison to the Swabian sour sauce, this French mustard sauce is milder and creamier. It doesn’t have that fruity punch that you get from vinegar and red wine. And of course, the French like to mellow their sauces with cream which is less common in Swabia. The French finish their sauces with cream and butter, the Swabians with vinegar.

Tips for preparing tripe in mustard cream sauce

This tripe in mustard cream sauce is simple to prepare but it takes more effort than the Swabian version. You first have to prepare a tripe broth that you can later reduce and enrich with egg yolks, mustard, and cream.

Raw Tripe

The secret to a well-flavored soup or sauce is that you stud the onions with cloves. Cloves taste wonderful and are one of the key aromatics of Western European food. They round out the flavor and lend dishes a subtle complexity and warmth. In American food, cloves are severely underused and underappreciated!

Instead of kohlrabi, you can use carrots or any other root vegetable that you like in this recipe. And instead of potatoes, you can also serve this dish with noodles.

You can be very generous when seasoning the soup with black pepper and lemon juice. Sourness compliments tripe very well. And as this is a French-style recipe, the pepper of choice to sprinkle this dish with is Kampot pepper. Pure indulgence!


  1. … wie bei fast allen Innereien, manchen schüttelt es, dafür freut sich der andere (ich), dass mehr für ihn bleibt 😉
    In Strasbourg gab es in einer Studentenkneipe immer Donnerstags (lang ist’s her) Tripes à la mode in scharfer Tomatensauce – Plätze musste man vorbestellen! Die Wirtin war Italienerin! Ein Festschmaus!
    VG OpaReiner

    • Ja, sind immer wieder lecker die Kutteln. Da gibt es so viele leckere Soßen dazu. Als Suppe finde ich schmecken sie auch ganz gut 😋!

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