Millet Fritters (Hirseküchle)
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Millet Fritters with Carrots (‘Hirseküchle’)

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Millet fritters are a great alternative to meatballs. They are crispy on the outside and moist on the inside thanks to the addition of grated carrots. Served with yogurt or any sauce of your liking, they are a great dish to have on the dinner table.

The preparation of these fritters is straightforward and simple. I like to cook the millet in just the right amount of water so that it doesn’t turn into mush. I like it if the grains still have some texture and bite to them.

In many old German recipes, they cook millet into a sweet porridge. But I often treat millet like steamed rice. In fact, I even prefer millet as a side dish over rice. Millet has this gorgeous yellow color and tastes amazing with a knob of butter and a pinch of salt.

Steamed millet in pot

Tips for preparing millet fritters

Whenever you’re cooking grains in a pot with just the right amount of water then it is crucial to leave them to swell for at least 10-15 minutes after cooking. I like to just cover the pot with a kitchen towel and leave it to sit on a cold burner on the stove. The kitchen towel helps to absorb any excess moisture and the grains will have a gorgeous fluffy texture after they have had some time to rest and absorb any of the excess moisture on the surface of the grains after steaming.

The breadcrumbs the recipe calls for are required to bind the batter so that it doesn’t fall apart when fried. I like to add just as little breadcrumbs as necessary to get the batter to hold together. Then the millet fritters will turn out tender and a bit crumbly. You don’t need a knife to cut them. They can easily be torn apart with a fork or knife.

Frying the millet fritters with carotts in a pan

I prefer to eat millet fritters with yogurt and a salad on the side.

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