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Free Ebook Giveaway: My favorite recipes of 2020


It has almost been two years now since this website has been established. And just as last year, I have compiled a small booklet for all my readers with 10 of my favorite recipes that have been posted on the blog over the last year.

The booklet is a pdf-file that is free of charge. You don’t need to subscribe to my email list or sign up anywhere to download it. Feel free to redistribute it as you want.

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I want to dearly thank all of my readers that supported me financially during the last year! Your help is greatly appreciated. This blog doesn’t generate any income. I currently earn a little money through ads that I then use to pay for services like the website server, design, picture editing software, and website plugins.

As much as I would love to remove the ads from my website, I am still dependent on the ad money to finance the blog without making a loss. If you would like to support me financially with a few dollars, you can do so by clicking the button below. Maybe one day I will then be able to remove the ads again.

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Thank you very much to all my readers that took the time to write me kind messages or comments! You are a big encouragement. In 2021, I will continue to regularly post new content on the blog. There are so many more German dishes and things that I want to cover.

Below, you will find my free ebook.

You can download the free ebook by clicking on the book cover below.

Free Recipe Ebook 2020

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