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Emperor’s Mess (‘Kaiserschmarrn’)

Kaiserschmarrn can be as simple or sophisticated as you want it to be. In its simplest form, it’s just a torn apart German pancake. However, in most cases, it’s not prepared by accident but with intention. The recipe that I’m presenting to you here is one of the more sophisticated versions. It includes separating the egg yolks from the egg whites to get the Kaiserschmarrn extra fluffy. Opinions and tastes differ. Some people like Kaiserschmarrn […]

Kid in supermarket
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Why choice and variety in the supermarket are an illusion

We are consumer societies in the Western world. If we enter a supermarket we have tons of different products to choose from. It seems like there is nothing that doesn’t exist. But if you take a closer look you will quickly find out that: A few large food manufacturers dominate the market. Most unique food products are niche products. The few very successful brands that everyone knows all have the same flavor profile. The taste […]

Rice Soup
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Rice Soup (‘Reissuppe’)

Before bread became affordable for anyone in Germany, a thick soup made from grains was commonly served as breakfast. This rice soup is a very noble version because rice is no indigenous German crop. Peasant versions of this soup have most likely been made from barley, oats, farro, or millet. However, rice really gives you the best texture and taste for this kind of soup. In Germany, thick soups like this one are classified as […]

Baked Bread
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How to bake bread

I’ve talked about baking enzymes and sourdough technology before, but today I want to cover a very fundamental topic: How to bake bread. A lot of people online claim that you have to follow baking recipes exactly to get a good result. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. The best bread is baked by relying on intuition and not by strictly following a recipe. It’s very hard to write down a baking recipe […]

Red Beet Salad
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Beet Salad (‘Rote Beete Salat’)

Beets are one of the tastiest vegetables because of their unique sweetness and flavor complexity. Some people find their earthy taste repelling but that is why I love them so much. There’s something addicting about beets that sets them far apart from other root vegetables like carrots or celeriac. The big downside of preparing beets is their long cooking time. They take forever to bake or boil. And while I like a lot of vegetables […]

Franzbrötchen (Flaky Cinnamon Rolls)
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Flaky Cinnamon Rolls (‘Franzbrötchen’)

Ok, ok… I know the pastry in the recipe picture doesn’t look like a cinnamon roll. It looks like a… croissant!? And yes, it is a kind of croissant. A very special kind that is popular in Northern Germany and known there as “Franzbrötchen”. It’s made from a flaky pastry called Danish pastry or “Plunderteig” in German. I refuse to call it puff pastry as many American recipe writers do because it is no puff […]

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Savory Egg Custard (‘Eierstich’)

In German cuisine there are a ton of different soup dumplings. A clear beef consommé is traditionally the first course of a multicourse German meal. And because only sipping beef broth is a little boring there’s always some kind of dumpling floating inside. I’ve already shown you how to prepare semolina dumplings, pancake strips, and bacon dumplings. Today, I want to introduce you to egg custard. It’s also known as royale and is basically a […]

Different types of bread
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What are the characteristics of great bread?

One of the most fascinating aspects of staple foods like bread, rice, or potatoes is that they are prepared so differently across the world. There are countless methods to prepare white rice. You can steam it, boil it, fry it, make it clumpy or loose, crispy or tender, salt it or not. The same is true for bread. Germans look for different qualities in bread than Americans, Africans, or Asians. If you speak a second […]

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Why Germany’s Nutri-Score is no more than a marketing tool for large food manufacturers

We have too many fat people in Germany. The population here is old and sick. Almost 40 percent of it is considered to be at high risk from coronavirus. A disastrous number and of the main reasons why the Covid pandemic affects us so badly here in Europe. People here eat themselves sick. Adding to that, we live in super clean environments where we have not enough contact with germs. The immune system of many […]

Beet Jelly with Potato Dumplings
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Beet Jelly with Potato Dumplings (‘Rote Beete Grütze mit Kartoffelknödeln’)

You might know that there’s a famous dessert in Northern Germany called ‘Rote Grütze’. It’s a jelly made from fresh berries and often very sweet because Northern people like a lot of sugar in their desserts. This beet jelly is the same thing but it’s made from red beets and I reduced the amount of added sugar drastically for the Southern German palate. This sweet beet jelly originated in Silesia which is not a part […]