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Cabbage Rolls (‘Krautwickel’)

German cabbage rolls are traditional comfort food. In the Northern parts of Germany, they are often called Kohlrouladen. But in the Southern accent, it’s really uncommon to use the word ‘Kohl’ for cabbage. For me, cabbage will always be called ‘Kraut’ thus the Southern name of this dish “Krautwickel”. It’s very simple to prepare cabbage rolls. You don’t even need to use toothpicks or kitchen twine for my recipe. If you blanch the cabbage properly […]

Cubeb pepper
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Let’s talk about pepper – Part 5: Pepper is more than just Piper nigrum

In my last four blog posts, I have focused on the most common variety of pepper: Piper nigrum. But there is more to the world of pepper than just this one plant. So today, I want to introduce you to different varieties of pepper from all around the world ranging from grains of Selim to Cumeo pepper. As a word of warning, the world of pepper is a huge one. The piper family alone includes […]

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How Germany’s anti-mistake culture is hurting the country

One of the biggest flaws of German culture is that mistakes and being wrong is typically frowned upon by society. This leads to an anti-mistake culture that pressures the population to become ultra-perfectionists. Yet, this perfectionism hinders change and innovation. Many decisions in Germany are purely driven by fear. This might, for example, be the fear of losing face. Or put simply, the fear of being rejected. There is little tolerance for mistakes by Germany […]

Apple Flammkuchen
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Apple Flammkuchen (‘Apfel-Flammkuchen’)

I’ve already shown you how to bake the traditional Alsatian Flammkuchen with onions and bacon. But Flammkuchen is not only a savory dish. The name just describes that it is a thin flatbread. The most popular type of sweet Flammkuchen in Germany is Apple Flammkuchen. The dough is the same as for the savory variety. It’s an unleavened bread dough that is enriched with oil to improve its stretchiness. It’s quite similar to a traditional […]

Waterfall in Brazil
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Let’s talk about pepper – Part 4: South America

Historically, South America hasn’t been a major pepper producing region. Yet Brazil is one of the major pepper producers nowadays. It was after World War II, that pepper cultivation became widespread in Brazil. The cultivars grown there are usually less spicy than the ones grown in Southeast Asia. I don’t want to classify South American pepper as a bad choice. It’s an acceptable product for the mass market yet you shouldn’t expect any wonders from […]

Black lives matter protests against racism
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Anti-racism gone wrong

Yes, we have problems with racism and racial inequality all over the world. Yet, fighting racism with prejudices and by trying to segregate society is no solution to the problem. I was quite surprised when I saw that the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture had published a chart about “white traits”. It lists traits typical for the “white culture” of America. Of course, the idea to create such a chart was […]

Rice with Meat
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Rice with Meat (‘Reisfleisch’)

Rice with meat is a traditional home-cooking dish that only requires one pot. It’s usually prepared with fatty pork and super delicious. It’s said that Austrian people first learned about this dish from the Balkan countries. Rice with meat is basically a goulash to which you add rice. The rice then soaks up all the delicious sauce and becomes super flavorful. Instead of pork, this dish can also be prepared with beef or chicken even […]

Malaysia pepper plantation
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Let’s talk about pepper – Part 3: Indonesia and Malaysia

Few countries in this world can match the beautiful landscapes of Indonesia. The largest Muslim state of the world consists of 17 508 islands that contain 147 volcanoes. But you will not just encounter picturesque beaches, Komodo dragons, volcanoes, and coral reefs there. The former Dutch colony is also a major pepper producer. The Indonesian islands were the first ones in history to surpass India as the world’s leading pepper producers. Indonesia might not be […]

covid 19 pandemic
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How big corporations and the government use COVID-19 to their advantage

The Covid-19 pandemic has once again shown that, despite all the tragedy involved with people losing their lives, events like these are shamelessly exploited by big cooperations as well as the government. In the end, a great majority of the population will not only lose financial assets but also personal freedoms and human rights. Yet, huge cooperations will be the big winners of this crisis which allows them to strengthen their market position to attain […]

Swabian Pretzels
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Swabian Pretzels (‘Schwäbische Laugenbrezeln’)

The pretzel is a national sanctuary of Swabia. There is no other type of bread that better resembles Southern German baking culture. Baking Swabian pretzels is a labor of love. They’re a bit more challenging to make than Bavarian pretzels. However, you will be rewarded with a much better product. It’s a shame that Swabian pretzels are so hard to find outside of Swabia. The Bavarian-style is easier to automatize with a machine which is […]