wild garlic potato noodles (Bärlauch Schupfnudeln)
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Wild Garlic Potato Noodles (‘Bärlauch Schupfnudeln’)

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I love these wild garlic potato noodles even more than I love wild garlic spätzle. The wild garlic season in Germany is short. But in April wild garlic grows like a weed in Southern Germany. It is everywhere! So during its short season that lasts less than 2 months, wild garlic gets used extensively in all kinds of dishes.

Nowadays, you can find wild garlic for sale in supermarkets or at farmers’ markets. But it’s really a waste to pay money for it. It is just everywhere, at least if you live in Southern Germany. Just 10 minutes from my house, I can harvest as much wild garlic as I want in the forest!

I know that some people warn you that wild garlic can be mistaken for the poisonous lily of the valley. If you’re unsure, just rub a leaf between your fingers. If it smells like garlic, then it is wild garlic. Lily of the valley doesn’t smell like garlic and it tastes bitter. Also, the lily of the valley leaves grow in pairs of two while the wild garlic leaves grow single. It is no rocket science to identify wild garlic!

wild garlic in the forest
wild garlic leaf

Tips for preparing wild garlic potato noodles

I’ve already published the base recipe for German potato noodles. Of course, this recipe is only a rough guideline. You should modify recipes always to your taste preference. So for this wild garlic version, I’m going to double the number of egg yolks and add semolina to the noodles.

That is because I like these wild garlic potato noodles to have a firmer texture than the base recipe. The more flour, semolina, and egg yolks are in the dough, the firmer the noodles will become. The more you knead the dough, the firmer the noodles become. So feel free to play around with the dough until you like the texture of the cooked noodles.

The pictures below are for reference on how to shape the noodles. In English, these noodles are often called finger noodles. The Swabian name for this noodle shape is “Buabaspitzla” which translates to “little boy’s penis”.

potato dough
rolling out the dough
Dividing the dough into pieces
Raw wild garlic potato noodle
Blanching the noodles in hot water


  1. great recipe my friend thanks so much for this wonderful dish recipe .. i hope you found time and look ant my channel here or by Youtube best wishes Tom

    • Thanks Tom! Of course, I had a look at your channel. Great recipes with a lot variety! A truly great resource. I’m subscribed to your channel. – Tim

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