Spelt and Emmer Breadsticks (Dinkel-Emmer-Seelen')
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Spelt and Emmer Breadsticks (‘Dinkel-Emmer Seelen’)

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These spelt and emmer breadsticks are incredibly aromatic and crispy. I can hardly think of any bread roll better suited for Sunday brunch. I love to enjoy these breadsticks when they’re still a little warm.

Spelt and emmer flour are a very common pairing because emmer flour, by itself, is not strong enough to bake fluffy bread rolls. Yet emmer tastes phenomenal and I want to have this taste in my bread!

Traditionally, Swabian breadsticks are shaped with wet hands on a wet work surface. However, this method is a bit messy. I prefer to dry-shape these spelt and emmer breadsticks. That way, the crumb turns out regular instead of wild and irregular. But I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. I prefer a regular crumb without too many large air pockets because it is so much easier to spread butter and jam on it.

To improve the dough consistency and to speed up the fermentation, this recipe uses the salt-yeast method (“Salz-Hefe Verfahren”). If you’d like to learn more about that, check out my post about salt-stressed yeast.

A visual guide to spelt and emmer breadsticks

I advise you to knead the dough by hand. It’s so easy to over-knead doughs made from emmer and spelt. Gentle kneading until the dough looks smooth is enough. If you nevertheless feel the need to use a mixer, only knead the dough on the low setting. Less than one minute can make the difference between a perfectly mixed and over-mixed dough.

Dough for emmer spelt breadsticks

Be gentle when dividing and shaping the breadsticks. You don’t want to deflate them.

Dividing the dough in 4 pieces
Flattening the dough ball
Rolling dough into cylinder
Spelt and Emmer Breadstick before proofing

Sprinkling the breadsticks with seeds is optional, yet highly recommended.

Sprinkling the breadsticks with seeds

I like to bake the breadsticks until they are ultra-crispy and brow. If you prefer blonde bread, pull them out of the oven earlier.

Spelt and Emmer Breadsticks after baking

I’m happy with the crumb. It’s fluffy, soft, and light. Perfect for spreading jam on it.

Fluffy open crumb of the breadsticks

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