Whole Grain Ciabatta Rolls (Vollkorn Ciabattabrötchen)
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Whole Grain Ciabatta Rolls (‘Vollkorn Ciabattabrötchen’) – featuring wheat bran

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I’ve already shared with you my recipe for white ciabatta rolls. My recipe for whole-grain ciabatta rolls is not much different except that it includes an additional ingredient: wheat bran.

I incorporate the wheat bran after mixing the dough. What you will immediately notice is that the gluten strands will be shortened by the bran. The crumb of these whole-grain ciabatta rolls is nevertheless phenomenal.

When I imagine German whole grain bread then I usually think about those dense bricks that they bake in Northern Germany. Many Southerners think they are hard to digest and unpalatable. But these ciabatta rolls are nothing like those Northern German bricks that can only be eaten by people that want a workout for their teeth.

These whole grain ciabatta rolls are light and toasty. The perfect sandwich bread for me.

A visual guide to whole grain ciabatta rolls

The wheat bran should be toasted before soaking it for maximum flavor!

Toasting the wheat bran

The soaked bran looks a bit like dog food but it is easy to incorporate it into the fully-kneaded dough.

Combining wheat bran and ciabatta dough
Whole grain Ciabatta dough after mixing

The moment I anticipate the most is when I transfer the dough onto my work surface.

Inverting the dough onto work surface

Don’t apply any pressure and don’t deflate the dough when dividing and shaping it.

Dividing the dough into 4 whole grain ciabatta rolls
Proofing the whole grain ciabatta rolls

Don’t panic if the ciabatta rolls look a bit flat before baking. They will puff up nicely in the oven.

Rolls in the oven
The rolls have puffed up in the oven!

Look at that crumb: Light as a pillow even though I added wheat bran.

Open crumb of whole grain ciabatta rolls

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