Spelt crop (Dinkel)
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What is spelt flour and what is it used for?

Spelt is an old-world hulled wheat variety that is closely related to common bread wheat. Spelt flour can be used as a substitute for wheat flour in bread, cakes, pastries, and pasta. European spelt is the only cereal that originated in Western Europe. Between the 12th and 19th centuries, spelt was one of the major cereals of Southern Germany, Austria, and Switzerland before it got replaced by higher-yielding bread wheat.

Trout Almondine (Forelle Müllerin)
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Trout Almondine (‘Forelle Müllerin’)

Crispy fish skin is spectacular. It is achieved by dusting the fish with flour before pan-frying it. This preparation method is called miller-style (‘Müllerinart’ in German). British and American people seem to associate this way of preparing fish with France because this dish is commonly referred to as trout meunière in the English-speaking hemisphere. I don’t know what is particularly French about this preparation method because it is common all over Western Europe. If you […]

Sandwich Rolls/ Banh Mi/ Baguettebrötchen
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Sandwich Rolls/ Num Pang/ Banh Mi (‘Baguettebrötchen’)

Last week, I gave you a recipe for French baguettes. Another type of bread that many people associate with baguettes are sandwich rolls, sometimes also called Cambodian or Vietnamese baguettes. And although these bread rolls look a bit like baguettes (we also call them “Baguettebrötchen” in German), they are not really related to the French original. Yes, shaping and scoring are a bit similar. But the consistency and flavor are very different from a French […]

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How to make candy – Part 10: Chocolate confectionary

Chocolate is mostly used for coating confectionery products. It’s delicious. You dip a sugary product in dark chocolate and that gives you a crisp crust with shiny brown color. If you use dark chocolate, the bitterness nicely compliments the sweetness of the candy. But chocolate can not only be used for coating. You can also find it in the center of a praline or candy bar. That’s why I have three different recipes for you […]

French baguette
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Traditional Baguettes (4 ingredients only)

It might seem a little weird for you to find a recipe for French baguettes on a German food blog. But let me tell you: German people love baguettes and they are insanely popular here. I would pick a French baguette over a plain breakfast bread roll any day. There’s almost no German bakery where you can’t find baguettes on the menu. It’s a standard item that every bakery has to offer. A visual guide […]

Chocolate bar
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How to make candy – Part 9: Tempering chocolate

A lot of candy bars and other confectionery products are coated with chocolate. The problem with chocolate is that you cannot simply melt it in a pot and then dip your candy in it. We need to temper a chocolate mass every time we melt it to obtain the right crystal structure. Firm chocolate consists of about 80 percent crystalline fat and 20 percent liquid fat. You can produce softer chocolate by increasing the liquid […]

Potatoes with flaxeed oil and quark
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Potatoes with Flaxseed Oil and Quark

Few German dishes are simpler or more humble than potatoes with flaxseed oil and quark. It takes less than 30 minutes to prepare but it always tastes delicious and filling. It’s a former poor man’s food from the Eastern parts of Germany that has gotten popular all around Germany mainly because flaxseed oil and quark are considered health foods nowadays. Flaxseed oil is full of omega-3 fatty acids which most Germans don’t get enough of […]

Gummy bears
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How to make candy – Part 8: Gummy candy

The gummy bear is a German invention. It was first produced in the year 1922 by the German company Haribo. However, it is not a healthy treat as some people might think. Industry-style gummy bears are based on sugar syrup rather than fruit juice that is thickened with gelatin. How convenient that we can make healthy gummy bears at home. I have tons of apple juice from our apples. So today, I will introduce you […]

German Chicken Noodle Soup
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German Chicken Soup with Noodles (‘Hühnersuppe’)

Last week, I’ve given you a recipe for Swabian semolina soup noodles. There is no better way to enjoy them than in a piping hot bowl of German chicken soup. A long time ago, I had already published a recipe for chicken noodle soup. This one was meant to be a way to use up leftover chicken from cooking chicken broth. The recipe that I am showing you today is not too different from my […]