Swabian Soup Noodles (Schwäbische Suppennudeln)
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Swabian Soup Noodles (‘Schwäbische Suppennudeln’)

People in Asia might prefer their soup noodles to be spaghetti-like long strips. But from a German perspective, this is a very inconvenient way to enjoy noodle soup. Why would you eat the noodles separate from the broth and other soup ingredients? In a German soup, every ingredient needs to be spoonable. Thus Swabian soup noodles need to be cut short. The Building Blocks of German Cusine Series This article is part of my basics […]

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How to make candy – Part 6: Candy for chewing

I am a big fan of chewy candy. For candy to be chewy, it needs to be in a rubbery state. If you look at the phase-diagram of a water-sucrose system you can see that the rubbery region is a huge one. We can produce candy with many different levels of firmness depending on the water content of the system. As you can see in the phase diagram below, amorphous candy with water content between […]

Carrot Bread Rolls
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Carrot Bread Rolls (‘Karottenbrötchen’)

Europe has not just crusty white bread rolls to offer. If you look around, you can find countless recipes for different kinds of bread rolls – like for example these carrot bread rolls. It would take me forever to collect and write down all the unique European recipes. If there would only be a book to document all of those European bread roll recipes. Well, I have good news for you. There is one written […]

Turkish Honey, White Nougat
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How to make candy – Part 5: Hard-boiled candy for biting

For a hard-boiled candy to be biteable, it needs to either be leavened or spread out very thinly. I have already discussed the topic of aerating candy in detail. Today, I want to focus on the practical part of candy-making: the recipes. There are four candy recipes that I am going to cover today: Honeycomb toffee Nougat Montélimar German nut brittle American nut brittle The flavors are intentionally very basic. The recipes are simple and […]

German onion cake
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Onion Cake (‘Zwiebelkuchen’)

We love savory cakes in Germany. Among my favorite cakes are quiche, flammkuchen, and cabbage cake. And this onion cake. Onions are naturally sweet and delicious. There are countless different preparation methods for the pie crust. Most people prefer yeast dough. But for this recipe, I decided to introduce you to another unique German pie crust: quark-oil dough. The quark-oil dough is leavened with baking powder. You can just mix all the dough ingredients and […]

Hard-boiled candy
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How to make candy – Part 4: Hard-boiled candy for licking

As a kid, you might’ve loved to suck on a stick of lollipop whereas as an adult you might prefer to lick a cough drop whenever you feel sick. These are hard-boiled candies that are typically not aerated. They are in a glassy state and thus it is impossible for you to bite through them. They are hard as glass. The syrup for hard-boiled candies needs to be cooked to at least 149 °C (300 […]

Free Recipe Ebook 2020
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Free Ebook Giveaway: My favorite recipes of 2020

It has almost been two years now since this website has been established. And just as last year, I have compiled a small booklet for all my readers with 10 of my favorite recipes that have been posted on the blog over the last year. The booklet is a pdf-file that is free of charge. You don’t need to subscribe to my email list or sign up anywhere to download it. Feel free to redistribute […]

Whipping Egg Whites with Sugar syrup
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How to make candy – Part 3: Aeration

Before I will get to the practical part of the candy-making series, I want to cover one more important aspect of candy-making: aeration. Many kinds of candy are foams. They have air incorporated into them. For example marshmallows or nougat but also some hard-boiled candies. Why do we aerate candy? There are several reasons to do so: Sugar syrup with no incorporated air is clear. Aerating the sirup makes it appear opaque. This is because […]

Venison Stew
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Venison stew (‘Hirschgulasch’)

We love to eat saucy goulash in Germany. Especially during the cold days, it is a very comforting meal. Winter is the prime time to eat game meat. This goulash can be prepared with venison, wild pig, lamb, or even just regular pork or beef. It’s special because I use port wine to cook the goulash and serve it with lingonberry jam. That makes this goulash a little sweeter than usual. But it works. Sweet […]

Candy Making - Rock Candy
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How to make candy – Part 2: Crystallization

In the first part of my candy-making series, I have talked about the importance of the water content in candy-making. There I have discussed that most candy is an amorphous material instead of an ordered crystalline solid. We can distinguish two amorphous states: the rubbery state and the glassy state. Rubber is chewy whereas glass is hard and brittle. Whether you have a glass or a rubber depends on the water content of your candy. […]