Venison Stew
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Venison stew (‘Hirschgulasch’)

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We love to eat saucy goulash in Germany. Especially during the cold days, it is a very comforting meal. Winter is the prime time to eat game meat.

This goulash can be prepared with venison, wild pig, lamb, or even just regular pork or beef. It’s special because I use port wine to cook the goulash and serve it with lingonberry jam. That makes this goulash a little sweeter than usual. But it works. Sweet things and game meat go great together.

As always when preparing goulash, add lots of onions. In this goulash, I add about 1/2 part of onions per 1 part of the meat. That’s very conservative. The traditional goulash recipe on my blog calls for a ratio of 1 part onions to 1 part of the meat. But in this version stew, we already have port wine and lingonberry jam that provide plenty of sweetness.

If you like, you can experiment with the spices you add to flavor the stew. I stick with the traditional ones: juniper berries, allspice berries, and clove. But things like star anise, caraway seeds, or cinnamon would work equally well.

You don’t necessarily need to add vegetables to your stew. However, I like to add at least one to my goulash. May it be bell pepper, mushrooms, or celeriac. If you’ve never eaten fried celeriac before, you’re in for a treat. I am not really a fan of steamed or boiled celeriac. But if you fry it until crisp it becomes delicious. Such an underrated vegetable and such a great gravy sponge.

Frying celeriac in pan
Fried celeriac pieces

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