Cheese spaetzle
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Cheese Spaetzle (‘Kässpätzle’)

Cheese spaetzle is the most popular spaetzle dish outside of Swabia. It’s no wonder to me because Western people love cheese. Especially the great cheeses you can get in Southern Germany. But don’t be surprised when I tell you: Cheese spaetzle are not about the cheese but the onions. It’s true, this dish is a celebration of the humble onion. There’s hardly any Swabian dish that doesn’t have onions in it. Onions are the key […]

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Spaetzle (‘Spätzle’)

Spaetzle – the German way of making pasta. Beloved all over Germany: As a side to soak up the flavor of mouthwatering sauces, or as the main player baked together with cheese. And compared to their Italian counterpart easy and quick to make. The master recipe for spaetzle is simple. You probably already have all the ingredients in your cupboard to make a batch. Flour, eggs, salt, and carbonated water. Nothing more is needed. So […]

Cabbage salad with cream
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Cabbage Salad with Cream (‘Krautsalat mit Sahne’)

Shredded cabbage marinated with fresh cream is one of my favorite German salads. It’s much lighter and tastier than cabbage salad that is marinated with mayonnaise. In fact, in the South of Germany, no dish uses mayonnaise as an ingredient. Southern Germans frown upon mayonnaise because it is very heavy and pretty bland. If you substitute fresh cream or yogurt for mayonnaise in any salad it will taste much better. The flavor you get from […]