Chicken Fricassee
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Chicken Fricassee (‘Hühnerfrikassee’)

Do you have some chicken meat leftovers from making my chicken broth recipe? No problem, chicken fricassee is a satisfying dish that takes the chicken meat as well as the chicken broth to the next level. The chicken broth gets incorporated into a velvety sauce to which the shredded chicken meat along with seasonal spring vegetables gets added. It’s so simple and so delicious. All it takes is a little effort. How to prepare the […]

Chicken Noodle Soup
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Chicken Noodle Soup With Peas, Carrots, and Parsley Roots (‘Hühnersuppe mit Nudeln und Gemüseeinlage’)

Have you tried my recently published chicken broth recipe yet? If you’re asking yourself what to do with all that leftover meat, here’s the boring but obvious answer: Make some chicken soup for dinner. Of course, there are many other and more creative ways to use up leftover meat. And I’m going to introduce you to some of them soon, but for today I want to show you how to prepare this evergreen dish. Adapt […]

Homemade Semolina Soup Noodles
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Homemade Semolina Soup Noodles (‘Hartweizen-Suppennudeln’)

Name me one person who doesn’t love noodles. It’s impossible. There’s hardly any week where I don’t eat any kind of noodle dish. Part of their success is that noodles are super versatile. They can be sauced the Italian way, stir-fried the Chinese way, or eaten inside a broth the Japanese way. The most common way to eat noodles nowadays in Germany is in the form of Italian pasta. In the old days, however, noodles […]

Cauliflower Gratin
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Cauliflower gratin (‘Blumenkohlauflauf’)

A creamy sauce topped with melted cheese and crispy breadcrumbs. That’s what cauliflower gratin is all about. Preparing gratins is almost as joyful as eating them. All the anticipation that builds up once the gratin goes into the oven. It excites me to see the sauce gently bubbling away while the cheese melts and starts browning on top. A delightful smell starts building up in my kitchen. And even though the gratin is piping hot […]

Chicken Broth
Basics, Poultry, Soups

Chicken Broth (‘Hühnerbrühe’)

If you’d ask me what the most essential seasoning for German food is, I’d have to go with chicken broth. It’s the workhorse of every fine kitchen. A properly made chicken broth infuses dishes with a gentle sweetness and gives them that characteristic savory taste we all crave, also known as umami. It’s subtle enough to not overpower the flavor of other ingredients but also powerful enough to transform a dish from ‘ok’ to ‘magnificent’. […]

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Wild Garlic Spaetzle (‘Bärlauchspätzle’)

Scarcity awakens desires. But for these wild garlic spaetzle, it’s not only the scarcity of wild garlic that makes them outstanding. Their taste is fresh, garlicky, and slightly sharp. Their bright green color is the ultimate eye-catcher and they possess the same fluffy texture as plain spaetzle. Serve them alongside some steamed asparagus or tossed in a cheese sauce for a satisfying springtime meal. Because wild garlic can only be harvested from the beginning of […]

Lentil stew with spaetzle
Noodles, Pork, Spätzle, Stews, Swabian

Lentil stew with Spätzle (‘Linsen mit Spätzle’)

The most popular spaetzle dish outside of Germany might be cheese spaetzle but there’s a much better way to enjoy them. Spaetzle served together with a rich lentil stew accompanied by a satisfying Vienna sausage. What was once a poor man’s meal is now the signature dish of Swabia. The love for lentil stew with spaetzle isn’t universally shared among all Germans. You won’t find this dish outside of the Swabia region. It’s a local […]

Cabbage Salad with Broth
Salads, Sides, Swabian, Vegetables, Vegetarian

Cabbage salad with Broth (‘Gebrühter Krautsalat’)

I’ve already introduced you to German cabbage salad with cream. And as delicious as this salad is, there’s another equally delicious way to prepare German cabbage salad. Whenever you pour hot beef broth over a vegetable, it will make it incredibly more delicious. This statement is very true for this cabbage salad with broth. The practice of using broth as a vinaigrette for salads is widespread in the Southern parts of Germany, whereas the people […]

Braised Green Beans
Sides, Vegetables, Vegetarian

Braised Green Beans (‘Grünes Bohnengemüse’)

Today I’m going to present you one of my go-to vegetable sides whenever I’m short on time. Braised green beans are typically served alongside meat-centric meals. Their flavor goes well with almost anything and their gorgeous green color never fails to excite the eyes. As a kid, I got to eat a lot of braised green beans my mother prepared for me. Always accompanied by an old German saying: “green beans for my beloved son” […]

Potato Soup
Potatoes, Soups, Swabian, Vegetables

Chunky Potato soup (‘Kartoffeleintopf’)

Today’s recipe is a classic. If you’re living somewhere in the Western hemisphere I’m sure you’ve eaten chunky potato soup before. It’s a quick, cheap, and comforting dish that is primarily prepared at home. In restaurants, potato soup will most often be served as an entree before the main course. But at home, it is the one and only main dish. It contains all the elements of a great meal. Filling potatoes, nutrient-rich vegetables, as […]