Liwanzen, Dalken, Yeast Pancakes
Dessert, Vegetarian

Bohemian Yeast Pancakes (‘Böhmische Liwanzen’, ‘Dalken’)

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German pancakes are usually unleavened but these Bohemian yeast pancakes are an exception. They are a tasty dessert or light lunch in the summertime that is best served with some fruit on the side. Different from many American pancakes and baked goods, these pancakes are leavened with yeast instead of baking powder. They thus take a bit longer to make because you need to let the dough rise first. But the effort is totally worth it.

Traditionally, a special kind of pan is used to make these pancakes. This pan is called “Liwanzenpfanne” in German. I don’t have one but instead, use a round heatproof plastic ring mold. You can also fry these dumplings without a mold but then they won’t reach the same height that is characteristic of Liwanzen and they won’t be perfectly round.

Liwanzen pan
Liwanzenpfanne. Picture Source: Amazon.

As you can see in the picture below, a ring mold works just fine. You can remove the mold and flip the pancakes once they have almost fully set. Make sure to use a good amount of clarified butter or oil in the pan. Don’t fry the pancakes with only little oil as you would do for American pancakes! The pancake crust should have a fried texture.

Frying Liwanzen in mold

Very important: Don’t turn the heat too high or else you risk burning the pancakes. They are thick so they take some time to cook through. Medium heat for a prolonged amount of time is the way to go. This will result in a golden brown caramelized crust as you can see in the picture below.

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