Stir-fried Maultaschen
Beef, Dumplings, Pork, Swabian

Stir-fried German Soup Dumplings with Egg (‘Gebratene Maultaschen mit Ei’)

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What do you do with leftover Maultaschen? You fry them in a pan until crispy and serve them with a Swabian potato salad. Delicious and it doesn’t feel like eating boring leftovers.

If you don’t know how to prepare Swabian soup dumplings (“Maultaschen”) then please refer back to my post about them. This recipe assumes that you have already made a batch. Of course, you can also use store-bought dumplings to prepare this recipe if you don’t feel like making the Maultaschen yourself.

Frying German Maultaschen in Butter

I also assume that you have leftover potato salad from the previous day. Eating Maultaschen without a potato salad is a no-go in Swabia. The Swabian potato salad is always marinated with beef broth and never ever with mayonnaise. Mayonnaise doesn’t exist in Swabian food.

In the North of Germany, they like to drown their food in mayonnaise. We don’t do that in Southern Germany. Vinegar and oil is the way to go. The creamy salad sauces that you find in Southern Germany are based on heavy cream and yogurt. So much tastier than mayonnaise.

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