Mango Kohlrabi Salad
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Mango Kohlrabi Salad (‘Mango Kohlrabi Salat’)

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Mango and kohlrabi go great together as in this mango kohlrabi salad. I love raw kohlrabi because of its crunch and refreshing taste whereas I love mango because of its sweetness and exceptional aroma.

Another variant of this salad is more common in Germany: carrot mango salad. I love that too but this version with kohlrabi is my favorite. Salads with mango are so very refreshing as a side for grilled meat.

It’s important that you massage the salad well so that the mango and kohlrabi release some of their juices to make this salad moist and to allow the flavors to mingle. If you don’t have any fresh herbs on hand for sprinkling on top of the salad, then skip them. I love the flavor combination of basil and mango but this salad is flavorful enough by itself to be eaten without basil and mint.

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