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Welcome to the baking section of my website! Here you can find all of my posts related to bread and other baked goods like strudel, flammkuchen, and cakes. In the top section, you can find posts about the theory and technology of baked goods along with some posts discussing the cultural significance and history of bread in Germany. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you can find all of my baking recipes. These range from sweet goods like doughnuts and apple strudel to rustic bread like spelt bread and Swabian specialties like pretzels. My blog focuses mainly on savory baked goods. A lot of blogs on German food already feature a ton of traditional cake recipes but the baked goods you might find in a German bakery are only rarely featured on them. I want to fill in that gap because, for me, it is much more fun to bake savory goods.

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German Potato Dumplings Thuringia-style (‘Thüringer Kartoffelklöse’)

German Potato Dumplings Thuringia-style (‘Thüringer Kartoffelklöse’)

TimDec 11, 2019

These German potato dumplings might look like bland potato balls but don’t let yourself fool by their plain appearance. They are one of the most delicate foods in the world. Making the perfect potato dumpling requires quite a bit of experience and finesse. I’ve eaten a ton of badly prepared ones in my life. Most often cooks add way too…

Cucumber Salad with Sour Cream

Cucumber Salad with Sour Cream (‘Gurkensalat mit Schmand’)

TimJul 8, 2020

There’s nothing more refreshing than a chilled cucumber salad in summer. There are two ways to prepare this dish in German cuisine: with a traditional oil and vinegar dressing or with schmand. Schmand is a German dairy product that is similar to sour cream and can easily be substituted with crème fraîche or American-style sour cream. The most important thing…

Kärntner Nudeln

Carinthian Cheese Noodles (‘Kärntner Nudeln’)

TimSep 2, 2020

Carinthia is the southernmost Austrian state and home to a unique kind of dumpling: the Carinthian cheese noodle. It’s a vegetarian dumpling that is said to be closely related to the Italian ravioli. While a Swabian would never ever think of pleating his soup dumplings (‘Maultaschen’), it’s the trademark of the Carinthian cheese noodle. In the past, it was unthinkable…

Cabbage Salad with Broth

Cabbage salad with Broth (‘Gebrühter Krautsalat’)

TimApr 3, 2019

I’ve already introduced you to German cabbage salad with cream. And as delicious as this salad is, there’s another equally delicious way to prepare German cabbage salad. Whenever you pour hot beef broth over a vegetable, it will make it incredibly more delicious. This statement is very true for this cabbage salad with broth. The practice of using broth as…

obese women as statue

The shocking truth about public health in Germany and North America

TimJul 19, 2020

Every year the Bloomberg Global Health Index ranks the countries of this world in regard to the health of the overall population. There are several factors that make up the final score of a country, for example: Health risks (eg. smoking, obesity, high blood pressure)Availability of clean waterLife expectancyMalnutritionCauses of death Every ranked country gets a score between 0 to…