Potato Dumplings 'Bavaria-style'
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German Potato Dumplings Bavaria-style (‘Bayerische Kartoffelknödel’)


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Last year, I’ve published my recipe for German potato dumplings Thuringia-style. They’re made out of a mixture of raw and cooked potatoes. These dumplings, on the other hand, are made from 100 % cooked potatoes.

I’ve named them ‘Bavaria-style’ because Bavaria is kind of famous for its dumplings. You will also find Thuringia-style dumplings there, but this variety is widespread all over Southern Germany.

Bavaria-style potato dumplings are considered less fancy than Thuringia-style ones. They have a softer texture but I think they are nonetheless equally delicious. Different yes, less delicious: no.

The Building Blocks of German Cusine Series
This article is part of my basics series, which will introduce you to key ingredients and preparation methods. You can find all these articles in the ‘Basics’ category of this blog. Listed below are the articles that have yet been published in this series:

Use the right potato variety

As with the Thuringia-style dumplings, you do want to use a starchy potato variety. That way you won’t have to add as much refined potato starch to the dumpling batter.

Cook the potatoes as jacket potatoes: Shell on in salted water. Peel them once cool enough to handle while they are still hot. Press them through the potato ricer as soon as possible. That way they will have a super-smooth texture. And no, you can’t make these dumplings with a potato masher.

Dumpling batter

Thuringia-style dumplings are very minimalistic. Salt and starch are added to the dumpling batter. That’s it. For Bavaria-style dumplings, I like to enrich the dough with egg yolks and butter. Nutmeg and salt are then used to season the batter.

You will need a 1:1-mixture of all-purpose flour and starch to bind the dough. Cooked potatoes are wet. The flour and starch mixture will soak up the excess moisture and give them a firmer texture. But don’t overdo it with the starch unless you want industrial-style rubber gum dumplings.

How to cook your potato dumplings

The poaching liquid for the potato dumplings should never boil. Just below a light simmer is the sweet spot. If you’re new to making potato dumplings, cook a test dumpling first. If it falls apart, add more starch to the dough.

Poaching Potato Dumplings

If you nailed the dough consistency, your dumplings should fall to the bottom of the pot first and then slowly start floating up. Let the dumplings poach for about 20 minutes. It’s no problem to keep them in the poaching liquid for a little longer if your main dishes are not ready yet.

The main task of potato dumplings is to soak up the gravy. So serve them with anything saucy like goulash, pork pot roast, or sour tripe.


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  3. The ones that my great-grandma used to make had a buttered crouton in the center. Is that something she made up or is it regional?

  4. Thank you Tim for sharing, I have tried numerous recipes and yours is spot on. Delicious Dinner tonight and very easy to follow. Cheers from Down Under!

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