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Welcome to the baking section of my website! Here you can find all of my posts related to bread and other baked goods like strudel, flammkuchen, and cakes. In the top section, you can find posts about the theory and technology of baked goods along with some posts discussing the cultural significance and history of bread in Germany. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you can find all of my baking recipes. These range from sweet goods like doughnuts and apple strudel to rustic bread like spelt bread and Swabian specialties like pretzels. My blog focuses mainly on savory baked goods. A lot of blogs on German food already feature a ton of traditional cake recipes but the baked goods you might find in a German bakery are only rarely featured on them. I want to fill in that gap because, for me, it is much more fun to bake savory goods.

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Why deep-frying at lower temperatures doesn’t make food oily

Why deep-frying at lower temperatures doesn’t make food oily

TimFeb 16, 2020

One of the most common instructions I see in recipes that require deep-frying is this: Make sure the frying oil is hot enough so that the [insert food here] doesn’t soak up all the oil and becomes greasy. I mean, of course, food fried at a lower temperature isn’t as crispy as food fried at higher temperatures. But does crispiness…

German Bread Dumplings (‘Semmelknödel’)

German Bread Dumplings (‘Semmelknödel’)

TimNov 6, 2019

We Germans are a nation of gravy lovers. That’s especially true for the Southern parts. The people here love to have gravy with every dish. And when I say gravy, I mean gravy. Not these super-far reduced French sauces which get served in tiny proportions. In Germany, there’s a lot of gravy on the table. The gravy is most often…

These spices will make your food taste German

These spices will make your food taste German

TimApr 26, 2020

I don’t know why but somehow there’s this myth that German cuisine is very bland and boring. A lot of times people think German cuisine consists solely of heavy meat dishes. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, Germany was rather poor and meat consumption was very limited until the recent 50 years or so. I think…