Sweet Potato Waffles
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Sweet Potato Waffles (‘Süßkartoffel-Waffeln’)

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Sweet potatoes aren’t native to Germany but they are nowadays frequently used in German cuisine. I don’t like to use them as a substitute for regular potatoes because I think they don’t have much in common in flavor and texture with the original. However, they are perfect for sweets and desserts. These sweet potato waffles are naturally sweet and delicious.

It’s a pity I don’t have a post up yet in my basics series about regular waffles. Because I do like them a lot. They’re not really a side dish in Germany but more of a sweet dessert or something you would eat with a cup of coffee in the afternoon. And that’s what these sweet potato waffles are too.

They’re a healthy alternative to the original that doesn’t taste bad at all. I even think they are more flavorful than plain wheat flour waffles. The sweet potato has a very warm and homey taste to it. The texture of these is also perfect. They are tender and buttery without being overly rich.

What goes into the sweet potato waffle batter

Steaming sweet potato

They are basically just a sweet potato puree that is mixed with spelt flour and milk. I don’t bother separating the egg whites and yolks for this recipe. Instead, I rely on baking powder to make the waffles fluffy.

This recipe makes just four waffles. I never eat a stack of waffles. One is usually enough to satisfy my cravings. But if your family prefers larger serving sizes, you can always scale the recipes to your preference. I know that the serving sizes of my recipes are usually quite small. That is because I expect you to eat these dishes with multiple sides.

Spreading the batter in a waffle iron
Baked sweet potato waffle

Expect for the powdered sugar on top, these waffles don’t have any added sugar. If you have a sweet tooth, you can always adjust to your taste. I don’t like desserts to be overly sweet. That’s because my mother used to add just a little sugar to her desserts. As kids, my siblings and I had dessert after every meal. But it was never a sugary bomb.

A lot of the stuff that is sold in bakeries and supermarkets is so over-the-top sweet, that I think it is no pleasure to eat. A great dessert should always be slightly sweet and balanced by the acidity of some fruit. Contrary to that, a lot of home cooks leave out the sugar in savory meals. But just like salt, half a teaspoon is often enough to make the food really shine. Every dessert needs something salty and every salty dish needs something sweet.

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