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Podcast with Wendy from ‘Travel with Wendy’


Recently I had the chance to appear on Wendy’s ‘Talking Travel with Wendy‘ podcast. Wendy has a phenomenal travel blog called ‘Travel with Wendy‘. She has lived in Southern Germany for many years. If you’re planning your next trip to Germany or any other European country, make sure to check out her blog. It’s full of useful info and inspiration for your next trip.

In the podcast interview, I talk with Wendy about my hometown Rottweil and the surrounding region as well as, of course, the food of Swabia. It’s a short 20-minute episode that you can either listen to on your favorite podcast platform or YouTube. The YouTube video includes some nice pictures of the scenery and food of Southern Germany if you’re looking for visual inspiration.

You can listen to the podcast on:

This is the YouTube version of the podcast:

Wendy has published many more interesting podcast episodes and blog posts on her blog. So please leave a like on YouTube and subscribe if you’ve enjoyed our short conversation. I’m sure there’s much more great content to come in the future.

Wendy can be found on:

Thanks again to Wendy for the wonderful cooperation!

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