Rice with Meat
Pork, Rice, Stews

Rice with Meat (‘Reisfleisch’)

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Rice with meat is a traditional home-cooking dish that only requires one pot. It’s usually prepared with fatty pork and super delicious. It’s said that Austrian people first learned about this dish from the Balkan countries.

Rice with meat is basically a goulash to which you add rice. The rice then soaks up all the delicious sauce and becomes super flavorful. Instead of pork, this dish can also be prepared with beef or chicken even though pork shoulder or belly will give you the juiciest result.

Cubed Pork Neck

The amount of onions listed in the recipe is no mistake. In a traditional goulash, you add one pound of onions per one pound of meat. Onions bind the sauce nicely and balance the acidity of the wine. You could cook rice with meat without any wine. That’s probably how they do it in the Balkans. But I love the depth of flavor that wine lends to stews.

Paprika powder is the key ingredient to delicious rice with meat

All of the spices in this stew are negotiable except for the paprika powder. It gives the rice a beautiful red color. You should use a mixture of sweet and spicy paprika powder. How much spicy paprika powder you like is up to your taste. It’s better to be a bit conservative at first and add more to the finished dish if you think it still lacks spiciness.

This dish is the perfect opportunity to use your pressure cooker. Without one, it can be a pretty lengthy process. You first need to braise the meat and then cook the rice once it is tender. That will take you about 2 hours if you’re using a tough cut of pork. With a pressure cooker, you can cut down the cooking time to less than half an hour.

Adding rice to the rice with meat stew

Rice with meat is traditionally served with a cucumber salad on the side. It’s great to have something acidic alongside it to cut through its richness.


  1. I like how you make this dish fun again. As a child, I first ate this in a foster home hosted by German immigrants; their son coached me on how to season my serving, he nearly burned my mouth off. He thought it was funny . His parents forced me to eat it. Wasting was forbidden. My lips, tongue, and entire mouth was blistered.
    Thank you for giving me a chance to really taste this dish.

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