Ox Muzzle Salad
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Ox Muzzle Salad (‘Ochsenmaulsalat’)

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In Swabia, we love the super gelatinous parts of the cow. Besides sour tripe, the ox muzzle salad is another signature dish of Swabia. It is incredibly delicious with a slice of sourdough bread.

I’m not sure if ox muzzle is available in the US. In Swabia, you can buy it at any butcher and all the big supermarkets carry it. It is usually pre-cooked and pre-sliced. If you live in the US, you might have to ask your butcher for the raw nose of a cow. You can then boil the raw ox muzzle at home with some vinegar until tender. The French people call the ox muzzle “Museau de Boeuf” and it is a delicacy there too.

Below you can see two pictures for reference how ox muzzle looks like in its raw and cooked form.

Raw ox muzzle
Raw ox muzzle. Picture Source: Reischenbeck
Boiled ox muzzle for ox muzzle salad
Boiled and shredded ox muzzle ready for consumption.

I’m always surprised when I see Americans who claim how heavenly steak tastes. It is just an uninspired junk of meat. Americans have all this quality beef but they seem to prefer the boring parts. Tripe, ox muzzle, liver, beef tongue, bone marrow, and oxtail are the best parts of the cow, not the steaks or burgers!

As you might already know, Swabians love sour food. I think vinegar harmonizes very well with the jelly-like texture of the ox muzzle.

The most important thing is to let the ox muzzle salad marinate in the fridge. It takes at least an hour for the ox muzzle to soak up the flavor from the vinaigrette. Adding to that, I like it if the salad is served cold. It’s incredibly refreshing.

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