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Ham and Egg Noodles (‘Schinkennudeln’)

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Ham and egg noodles are a simple German dish that can be whipped up in 10 minutes. It’s less refined than the Italian spaghetti carbonara but I wouldn’t say it’s less delicious. The eggs in the German version are usually cooked through but that doesn’t make the dish dry or uncomfortable to eat.

If you want to go the extra mile and make your own noodles for this dish, you can follow my guide on how to make ribbon noodles. It has been published as part of my basics series.

The sauce for these noodles is very simple. You can prepare it while the noodles cook. It’s important that you use a nicely flavored ham for this dish as the meat is the main flavor carrier. If you don’t like ham you can also use bacon. However, in Germany lean ham is the preferred choice for these noodles.

Frying the ham and onions

The onion is also an important flavor carrier and you shouldn’t omit it. Onions are the key aromatic of Southern German cuisine and are used extensively across all kinds of dishes ranging from goulash to onion cake.

How to add the eggs to your ham and egg noodles

I like the eggs to form small curds. That’s why I whisk them together with heavy cream, nutmeg, and black pepper before adding them to the noodles. I got to admit that ham and egg noodles don’t look as sexy as a glossy smooth carbonara, but they should definitely be set. At least if you want to recreate the way most Germans prepare this dish. In the end, it’s of course up to you how you like your eggs cooked.

Egg and heavy cream mixture for the sauce of ham and egg noodles

The chopped parsley should be mixed into the dish at the very last second of cooking to preserve its flavor. These noodles can be a whole dish by themselves, however, I think they taste great with a nice cabbage or cucumber salad on the side.


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