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Emperor’s Mess (‘Kaiserschmarrn’)

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Kaiserschmarrn can be as simple or sophisticated as you want it to be. In its simplest form, it’s just a torn apart German pancake. However, in most cases, it’s not prepared by accident but with intention.

The recipe that I’m presenting to you here is one of the more sophisticated versions. It includes separating the egg yolks from the egg whites to get the Kaiserschmarrn extra fluffy. Opinions and tastes differ. Some people like Kaiserschmarrn pillowy, others like it firm and crispy. I like both versions.

Mixing the Kaiserschmarrn batter

The only thing that I would consider a no-go in Kaiserschmarrn is baking powder. Baking powder gives a horrible cakey texture. I know that Americans like to put baking powder in pancakes to get them fluffy. I’m not really a fan of American pancakes either. But if you like that texture, you could consider adding baking powder to your Kaiserschmarrn batter. After all, Kaiserschmarrn is basically an American-style pancake that gets torn apart.

Frying the pancake in the pan
Tearing apart the Kaiserschmarrn

The best way to serve Kaiserschmarrn is as a savory main dish sprinkled with powdered sugar and apple sauce. It’s perfect comfort food for cold days.

Just in case you prefer savory over sweet food: There’s also a recipe for the savory version from Swabia called Kratzete on my blog.


  1. Loved the recipe right up until the baking it like a pancake and then tearing it. The best (dare I say most authentic?) textured Kaiserschmarrn I’ve ever eaten was “scrambled” in the pan during cooking, as opposed to torn afterwards. If you try that, pleaselet your followers know what you think!

    • Yes, the scrambled pancake is another way to prepare Kaiserschmarrn. I love this type of Kaiserschmarrn as well. The torn version is a bit more elaborate and fluffier which is why i decided to share it on the blog. Both versions are delicious and I’ve eaten the scrambled version many times as well. I love the crispy bits if you scramble the pancake in the pan.

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