Beet Noodles
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Beet Noodles (‘Rote Beete Nudeln’)

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l love beet noodles because of their gorgeous purple color. The beet taste in these is very subtle so that even people who strongly dislike beets will eat them. I’m always a bit disappointed that they don’t have this intense earthiness that is the trademark of fresh beets.

I only use the beet juice instead of a beet puree for these noodles. I know that a puree would give me a stronger beet taste but it ruins the texture of the noodles. They won’t get bouncy and chewy if you use a vegetable puree.

If you want an intense beet taste it’s much better to make a batch of beet spaetzle which can be made from a beet puree. The method for making beet spaetzle is the same as for making wild garlic spaetzle.

I win the beet juice by blending the beets together with water. Then I wrap the puree in cheesecloth and squeeze out the clear juice. You could also substitute the water with eggs if you would like to make egg noodles.

Beet puree wrapped in cheesecloth
Squeezing out the juice from the puree

How to serve beet noodles

These beet noodles are very versatile because of their mild taste. They pair perfectly with almost anything. I’ve given you a serving suggestion in the recipe instructions. I like to eat them drenched in herb butter and lemon juice. But this is really just a suggestion. They can be eaten with almost any pasta sauce or as a side dish for goulash or pan-fried fish.

I’ve already given you detailed instructions on how to prepare ribbon noodles on my blog. If you’re new to noodle making, you can check it out. I always use my pasta machine to make noodles because it is so fast and easy to work with. However, the dough can, of course, be rolled out by hand as well.

Cutting the ribbon noodles from the dough sheet
Beet noodles before cooking

It’s best to eat these noodles fresh. But you can also prepare a large batch and dry or freeze these noodles to have them in your pantry whenever you feel like eating beet noodles.


  1. Gwyn Schneider

    What a great recipe! Thank you for sharing. I enjoy these but haven’t made them because I thought it was to hard but the way you broke it down I’m thinking I can do it now

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