Celery Root Puree
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Celery Root Puree (‘Selleriepüree’)

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Celery root, also known as celeriac, is an undervalued vegetable. It’s part of the traditional German soup vegetable mixture (along with carrot, leek, and onion). But other than for making broths, it’s rarely used.

That’s a shame. Celeriac has a unique earthy flavor with citrusy notes that you won’t find anywhere else in the vegetable world. It’s totally different from the flavor of celery stalks which heavily remind me of the famous Maggi seasoning sauce.

Serve this creamy celery root puree in place of mashed potatoes at your next dinner, and you will be astonished of how great its flavor pairs with all kinds of meats and sauces. A favorite of mine is to serve it with bratwurst and sauerkraut.

Tips for preparing the perfect celery root puree

It’s so much easier to make a great celery root puree than it is to master the perfect potato puree. The celery root cubes can be cooked directly in milk. Once they’re tender, you just put everything inside your blender and puree until smooth. There’s no risk for this puree to turn gluey.

Celery root, celeriac

The great thing about this method is that no flavor is getting lost in the cooking process. You don’t drain away any nutrients as the milk remains a part of the puree. Even better, it can be infused with additional flavors such as thyme while cooking the celery root.

It’s best to season your puree before blending. It can be very tricky to incorporate salt evenly inside a blended and thick puree.

Why its best to strain your puree

For the best texture, I recommend you to pass your blended puree through a fine-mesh sieve or tamis. This step will make it extra smooth and creamy. It’s one of the secrets why restaurant quality soups and purees can be such an incredible taste experience. Along with the obscure amount of cream and butter inside of them.

This puree tastes evenly great hot or at room temperature. You can use it as a veggie dip. It can also be used as a potato puree substitute. It harmonizes especially well with bratwurst, pork, and apples. So, why not serve it with some pork chops and apple sauce?

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