Red Beet Salad
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Beet Salad (‘Rote Beete Salat’)

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Beets are one of the tastiest vegetables because of their unique sweetness and flavor complexity. Some people find their earthy taste repelling but that is why I love them so much. There’s something addicting about beets that sets them far apart from other root vegetables like carrots or celeriac.

The big downside of preparing beets is their long cooking time. They take forever to bake or boil. And while I like a lot of vegetables on the crunchy side, beets taste best when they are tender throughout.

Baking them in aluminum foil makes the beets a little sweeter which helps to balance out their earthy notes. I could eat the baked beets without any vinaigrette right out of the oven. They have such a great natural flavor.

Baked beets in foil

However, a vinaigrette improves the taste of them even further. I like to use dark and complex sherry vinegar. Balsamic vinegar would also be a great choice.

This beet salad is very versatile. You can pair it with almost anything. It can be eaten as part of a mixed salad plate but it is also great as a side dish for pan-fried fish.

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