Banana Jelly

Banana Jelly with Coconut Sauce (‘Bananenpudding mit Kokossoße’)

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Obviously, this isn’t a traditional German recipe. Neither bananas nor coconut milk nor limes are native to Germany. What is native to Germany, however, is to eat fruit jellies for dessert. And this banana jelly with coconut sauce is a modern interpretation of jello with vanilla sauce.

A lot of people nowadays don’t bother making their own jellies at home. It’s a typical industry product sold under the name “Götterspeise” which literally translates to god’s food. Well, it’s obviously not that good. What they sell you in these little jello packets is artificial aroma mixed with sugar and gelatin.

You can make a much better jelly at home. This banana jelly isn’t transparent as the industry jellies because it is made from a banana puree. For a clear puree, you have to use pure fruit juice. But I’m not that conscious about the look of it. The whole banana will give you a better flavor and different texture.

This jelly does wiggle but it doesn’t behave like a rubber band. It’s much more similar to an Italian panna cotta in texture. It melts in your mouth when you eat it.

How to prepare banana jelly with coconut sauce

Cooking the banana puree
Banana jelly in individual molds

The jelly is super easy to prepare. You just blend the bananas with milk and water and then bring that puree to a light simmer. Then it’s time to season the jelly and add the soaked gelatin sheets. After that, you can pour the jelly into molds and leave it to set in the fridge.

Instead of the traditional vanilla sauce, I decided to serve this banana jelly with coconut sauce. Coconut milk is very popular in Germany, especially for desserts. I prepare it very similarly to the traditional vanilla sauce. The coconut milk gets thickened with an egg yolk and cornstarch mixture. I think it tastes best served cold or at room temperature. If you have any leftovers, it’s perfect to serve it with some fresh fruits for dessert.

Binding the coconut sauce with egg yolks

I know that this isn’t the prettiest of all desserts. But its taste easily makes up for its plain look. It’s a very pleasing and refreshing flavor and texture combination.

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