About Me

Hey, it's me, Tim!

Hi, and welcome to my blog! I’m Tim from Germany. Growing up in the black forest area, I got to enjoy traditional Swabian (Southern German) comfort food from my mother every day. The preparation was oftentimes simple, the ingredients nothing extraordinary. But the taste, it was the taste of home.

The soul-pleasing smell of Kässpätzle (Germany’s version of Mac n’ cheese), the delicate texture of soup dumplings, and the crunch of fresh kohlrabi. And not to miss, all the indulgent sweets and desserts. Black forest cake, apple pancakes, steamed dumplings with vanilla sauce.  German cuisine is way more varied than a lot of people think. It’s not just boiled potatoes, with some braised meat and cabbage. It’s so much more.

On this blog, I want to introduce you to my German recipes. I know German cuisine is neither trendy nor considered vibrant or healthy. But I hope to change your mind because I think it’s one of the most underrated and achievable ethnic cuisines to master. Who needs stale galangal, plantains, or baobab to create delicious food, if he has access to the freshest apples, crunchiest cabbage, and smelliest cheese?

German cuisine is local and seasonal. You won’t need to buy any exotic ingredients. You eat your way through the year following what’s on offer. And maybe that’s, what will make German food trendy again. It’s simplicity, accessibility, and seasonality.