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The principles of European colonialism are still in place today


If you take a look at my blog posts, you might know that they often discuss some aspect that is related to European colonialism. Until today, a lot of European countries insist that slavery by European colonial powers was abolished because it was deemed unethical. The problem is: That is not true.

The decision to abolish slavery in Europe was solely based on economical reasons. The European elite came to the conclusion that wage slavery was a more efficient system than enslaving people violently. Until today, this system of wage slavery is still in place all over the world.

It is based on a very simple principle: Keep the population satisfied so that it doesn’t riot. In a system of violence and oppression, the logical consequence is that the enslaved population will over the long term overthrow the dominating minority. The Haitian revolution, where African slaves defeated the French colonialists to form the modern-day state of Haiti, is a prime example of this phenomenon.

haitian revolution
French colonialists being massacred by Haitian slaves.

What did the French learn from this? Well, only a few years after the Haitian revolution the system of slavery was abolished by the French. Slaves in the colonies were now paid a minimum wage which they heavily depended on to make a living. Minimally processed sugar cane was imported to Europe for an incredibly cheap price so that the growers didn’t benefit from their business.

The industrial world generates wealth by monopolizing value-addition processes

The value creation in the colonies (the growth and harvest of the sugar cane) was separated from the value addition in Europe (the processing of the sugar cane juice into refined sugar crystals). This system is in place until today. Industrialized countries buy raw materials for a cheap price and then turn them into valuable commodities by their own companies. Processing turns a cheap low-profit margin raw material into an expensive high-profit margin product.

Of course, people in the developing world are very aware of this problem. The Western world makes a profit from their cheap labor. Prior to the European colonization of the world, the wealth between the different countries of this world was pretty evenly distributed. The wealth of the richer countries was roughly 4 times that of the poorer countries prior to colonial times. Nowadays, the rich countries are 40 times richer than the poorer countries.

This creates immense problems. Europe gets overrun by African and Middle Eastern refugees while many Mexicans want to migrate to the US. And you cannot really blame these people. They are just a symptom of the system. A negative side effect, so to say.

refugges in tents
The migration crisis is caused by the immense wealth disparities in our modern world.

From a rational point of view, you could say: Well, what is the problem with a few thousand refugees? As long as they don’t commit crimes or harm you there is no negative side effect for the population. After all, Europe and the US are rich countries. Our systems can financially afford to support these refugees.

Yet, right-wing political parties have been on the rise all over Europe and Donald Trump offered US voters to build a wall to Mexico. And while some people might vote for these parties because they are racist or hate people from a different cultural background, a majority of the voters couldn’t care less about refugees. The poor refugees are just an easy target for people to project their frustration on.

The great majority of Germans during the Third Reich didn’t want to eradicate Jews. They were just an easy target. Germans were frustrated during these times too. After World War I, they had been humiliated by the Allies and suffered a huge financial crisis.

The refugees are not the reason for the rise of populist parties in Europe

The reason so many people in Europe and the US are frustrated nowadays is simple: They suffer under the same suppressive structures as the people in Africa or East Asia, just on a different level. The majority of the world population works as a wage slave. They work all their lives while never accumulating any wealth. They never earn enough as an employee to break free of the system. They are always in dependency on big cooperations that provide jobs.

Suppressing a population with violence is an impossible task. It’s also impossible to suppress people if they feel that they are being cheated. So, of course, people in the developed world have to be paid a higher wage so they don’t overthrow the system. Western people can travel the world, buy houses, cars, and big TVs. We are even allowed to express our opinion freely in Germany and the US.

Full supermarket shelf
Consumerism is a way to keep populations satisfied and distracts them from questioning the system.

Yet, all this only exists to keep the population from questioning the status quo. In China, people are content with being severely restricted in their personal freedom as long as their wealth grows. As long as we feel that our government secures our wealth, we tend to not question the system.

However, we are not as rich and free as we all should be in this world. The world’s richest 1 percent own 44 percent of all the wealth. About 89 percent of the world population owns less than 100 000 US dollars in assets.

The wages for employees in Germany haven’t grown over the last 30 years as can be seen in the chart below. The blue line is the wage adjusted for inflation.

Reallohnindex, Normallohnindex und Verbraucherpreisindex in Deutschland

Let’s take a look at how the income of the CEOs of Germany’s top 30 companies has developed in the recent 30 years. As you can see in the chart below, the income of the CEOs has increased sharply. While in the 1990s, a CEO earned 15 times what his average employee earned, nowadays, the typical CEO earns 50 times the amount of his average employee. While workers’ wages have been stagnating for decades, a CEO in Germany nowadays earns 3.3 times as much as thirty years ago.

Entwicklung der Vorstandsvergütung und Relation zu den Personalkosten je Arbeitnehmer

Nowadays we suffer from the side effects of late capitalism

It is obvious that capitalism in its pure form favors wealth inequalities. Over time, wealth and resources fall into the hands of a few people who get more and more powerful with each generation.

The average European doesn’t live in a sacred land. Yes, he earns more and has more personal freedoms than the average African or Indian worker. That is, of course, not because of humanity but to keep his mouth shut.

Capital investments grow every year. Yet, whoever has no or little capital misses out on this opportunity. Only a tiny minority of our population profits from economic growth and rising productivity levels. Yet it is the working population that is to a large extent the motor of economic growth.

The elites don’t want you to become independent of the system. If the population isn’t in desperate need of jobs to fulfill basic human needs, then how would companies be able to find employees for massively underpaid and monotonous jobs?

But why isn’t this topic more often addressed in the free Western mainstream media? Well, unsurprisingly, the private media companies are owned and run by the top 5 percent of our population. Of course, they don’t push an agenda that goes against their will.

Newspapers from Germany
The media is controlled by a few mega cooperations owned by rich investors.

Adding to that, the public media in Germany tends to be very conservative and push the government agenda. The government agenda is mainly determined by the top 5 percent of the population which can be very generous when it comes to donations. Whichever party is in power in Germany obviously receives the most private funding.

The government is also in charge of education. People get miseducated from a young age to become obedient employees and supporters of the system. You might learn in a German school that Germany had a turbulent history. But they will also teach you that nowadays there is no better alternative to our current political and financial system.

I went to school in the US as well. It’s the same thing there. The US democracy and unregulated capitalism get praised by the education system as the sole way to create wealth and freedom for everyone.

Children get lied on from a young age that if they work hard and save their earnings, then they will automatically become a member of the rich class. Yet that will never happen. This an illusion. But this illusion keeps people from revolting. They think of themselves as future members of the rich group so that they accept policies that solely benefit the upper classes.

How the government in Western countries keeps society under control

The general population of Western countries is nevertheless smart. Many people recognize that they are being cheated on. If they would unite themselves they could pose a serious threat to the system. To prevent that, the general population gets actively split up into smaller groups that rival each other.

The US population is mainly divided between Republicans and Democrats. In Germany, you have a multi-party system. Yet the major political parties don’t differ drastically. They support the current system and rely on the funding of private cooperations. Once in power, they all act in a similar way. The government might be more liberal or more socialist at times, but it won’t challenge the status quo.

German parliment
The more political parties exist, the more fragmented society gets which makes it harder to gather a majority to overthrow the current system.

Anyone who is willing to challenge the status quo gets declared as crazy and isolated. For example, the major political parties in Germany won’t cooperate in the parliament with the left-wing party DIE LINKE as well as with the right-wing party AfD. Both parties are declared as evil through government propaganda.

Thus the population gets conditioned to not vote or support these political parties. Because the average citizen doesn’t want to be stigmatized for his or her personal views, he or she doesn’t join or support the more radical parties. This leads to the situation that these parties attract a lot of people with extreme views and thus they get so radicalized over time that they don’t appeal anymore to the average German citizen.

The German right-wing party AfD is a good example of this. At first, it was a conservative party that was skeptical of the current financial system in the EU. Once the established conservative party CDU noticed the threat, they stigmatized the party.

The mainstream media helped to push the party to the far right to make it seem like an eldorado for neo-nazis. Over time, the more moderate party members got kicked out and replaced by more radical leaders. Nowadays, the party is filled with hate against foreigners so that it is no option to vote for if you are opposed to discrimination and senseless hate.

How the German chancellor Angela Merkel destabilized and radicalized Europe

The German chancellor Angela Merkel has been pushing her agenda by calling it “alternativlos” (“there is no alternative”). That doesn’t sound very democratic to me. Whenever she was threatened by a contender in her party or by another party she tried to eliminate the threat as quickly as possible.

german chancellor angela merkel
The German chancellor Angel Merkel has destabilized Europe.

She never gave anyone the chance to get really powerful in her political party. It was always just about her. Self-centered and egoistic – these words best describe her regime. Now, at the end of her regime, it seems like there is no other person in Germany suitable to run the state. Without her, it seems like we would all be lost. But this an illusion, a lie – that she used successfully to get the voters on her side.

Merkel always positions herself as the humane and caring leader that is the uniting force of Europe. But this is a lie. This woman is as anti-European as one can get. Under her rule:

  • The far-right wing parties gained traction all over Europe
  • Turkey distanced itself from Europe
  • Great Britain left the European Union
  • Greece people lost their dignity and independence

Thanks to its strong industry and US money after World War II, Germany has become a benevolent hegemon of Europe. Germany deems itself responsible for spreading its ideals across the entire EU. Whoever doesn’t agree with Germany is wrong or inferior. The US did the same thing for many years with bloody wars all over the globe. Germany doesn’t rely on war. Germany relies on money to silence others.

How Germany suppresses Greece

The Greek government-debt crisis was a very favorable event for German investors. Until today, the country suffers from the reforms forced onto it by Germany. You don’t revive an economy by forcing a country to cut costs and save money. But that was what the German government wanted. Until 2019, the German state has earned 443 million Euros in interest rates from the credits for the Greek government.

greece euro coin
While the Greek population suffers from a deep financial crisis, German investors are making a profit from Greek government bonds.

We make a profit here in Germany from Greek people suffering – it’s no wonder they are so opposed to Germany. The Greek state nowadays is fully dependent on German money and German interests. Does anyone really think Greece would hold on to all the refugees and keep them away from Germany if they were truly independent? Germany dictates Greece by the means of money.

The European Union is a tool for Germany’s elites to gain wealth. The goal of the EU is not to celebrate European friendship and unity. That’s what they teach you at school in Germany but it is false information.

Why the EU exists

The real purpose of the EU is to make it easier for Western European countries to export their goods tax-free to other European countries. Also, German companies can attract a cheap labor force from the Eastern European countries. Just think about all the Eastern Europeans that come to Germany to work here in healthcare, food, cleaning, and the agricultural industry.

The initiative to join the EU for poorer countries is the money the EU promises them. Yes, you get paid well and supported by the rich European member countries. However, this creates a strong dependency over time. In the end, you are so dependent on your caregivers that they dictate you how you have to run your country.

euro bills
The European Union doesn’t serve an idealistic purpose but solely a financial one.

The sad truth about Germany is, that all this accumulated wealth through the EU has fallen into the hands of a few. The wages in Germany for the average worker have been stagnating for the last 30 years while social security services and healthcare have been massively reduced.

The average German citizen is almost as poor and unfree as the refugees that knock on Europe’s door. An exploitative system that was established during European colonialism has been forced on the present-day European and American population.

And yet people support it because they hope to win in this system: they dream of being a member of the wealthy group that isn’t dependent on a day-time job to fulfill their needs. Yet, 99.9 percent won’t reach that goal. Despite that, shamelessly, supporters of the system say that anyone can make it and achieve enormous amounts of wealth.

Free capitalism doesn’t result in wealth for the masses

But this not how unregulated capitalism works. In its nature, the wealth and resources get more and more concentrated on fewer people each generation. If you’ve played a game of monopoly, then you have experienced this phenomenon first hand. One player will after some time always outcompete all the others and make them go bankrupt. The wealth disparity rises the longer the game goes on.

monopoly board game
The board game monopoly shows how unregulated capitalism works.

The problem is that a high wealth disparity and purely profit-driven society leads to the problems we see today like:

  • Mass migration
  • Poverty in industrialized countries
  • Few wealthy people have more influence and power than the majority of the population
  • Every business idea and activity is purely profit-driven.
  • Anything that doesn’t promise financial profit is deemed unworthy (eg. raising a kid at home, voluntary work at a hobbyist sports club, gardening, woodworking at home)
  • Mass production of useless products that pollute the environment
  • Lower food quality standards to cut costs and increase profitability
  • Radicalization of societies and increasing violence

Our current financial and political system in Europe and America serves the purpose to benefit a wealthy minority while the majority of the population gets kept artificially “poor” to create a dependency on the money and job offers of the few wealthy people.

Money has become the primary tool of power – and it shouldn’t be that way. All men and women are created equal. Thus the power should be evenly distributed among all our shoulders. But it isn’t. Whoever has the money has the power to dictate your lifestyle and manipulate your mind. Our current system isn’t as free and advanced as the government and media make it seem to be.


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  1. Hello Tim, wow a lot to think about and so true.
    Yesterday a neighbour dropin frustrated with the way her life has gone in the last short while. This person makes a great living .

    her frustrations as I here it is based on social media and how it generates a total masked life values in which you can take from it what you want. A basless
    form of direction. I asked her how she likes her new car ,fine nice etc. And she said its the same as my nextdoor neighbours car. Now she has been living next to the neighbour for a year I simply mentioned thats it not the same its a different model she argued with me that I was wrong and came to the explanation that okay we agree to disagree? But thats the problem that is in todays values . People want to be right to feed their direction in life instead of finding out what is right. This topic really has no value to anybody at the end of the day but its sad that decisions are made with a desired direction. By the way the car is a different model than hers,she will see that if she looks at the car.

    As far a modern version of slavery and I am giving an example of the black sector in wich very high profile Black sports people who are given and suported huge by companys to a signing contract salary to promote their very expensive product to the point that their signing bonus is greater than all the salaries that company pays out to is factory workers.
    Mondern Version of slavery, keep them happy as you have indicated in your essay.

    Thanks for the time


    • Thanks for your comment, Harold!

      Yes it can be very tough to argue with people if they feel that their opinion is the right one. Some time ago I read a book called: “Thinking, Fast and Slow”. It shows how much easier it is four our brain to confirm our intuition. Now with social media we can stay within our niche and just let our opinion get validated over and over again. Then if someone disagrees it can be very challenging to let go of our opinion because our brain has such a strong confirmation bias. We try to only come up with arguments to validate our own thoughts and sometimes even construct a false reality around certain believes. It’s a dangerous trend because we seldomly receive criticism in our own niche, especially on social media.

      Thanks for your insightful thoughts – Tim

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